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Kamstrup Water Meters and AMR Systems

We are the authorized dealer for Kamstrup Water Meters and AMI systems for the states of Ohio and Kentucky. We can provide Kamstrup meters and reading equipment and software for Utilities, Commercial Users, Submetering, or Consumer home use.

Product List:

  • Ultrasonic Water Meters 5/8" - 2" with Kamstrup Radio
  • Ultrasonic Water Meters 5/8" - 2" with¬†Encoded Output for other AMR/AMI¬†
  • Siemens Electromagnetic Water Meters 2" & Larger
  • READy Android Smart Phone Meter Reading System
  • USB Meter RF Meter Reader

Call us for a demo or quote. Because of dealer territory restrictions, we cannot provide online sales at this time.

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