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Kamstrup FlowIQ 2100 Ultrasonic Water Meters

Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meters and AMR/AMI Systems - Official Partner

Kamstrup FlowIQ 2100 water meters are solid state Ultrasonic water meters meeting AWWA C-750 specifications. The model FlowIQ 2100 comes in sizes, and either with internal Kamstrup Radio for AMR or wired encoded output for third party AMR/AMI systems or remotes, and measuring US gallons, or cubic feet:

  • 5/8" (5/8" x 1/2")
  • 5/8" X 3/4"
  • 3/4" Short (7.5" lay length)
  • 3/4" Standard (3/4" x 7.5" with 1.5" extension)
  • For 1" and larger, see the model FlowIQ 3101

Kamstrup FlowIQ2100 Ultrasonic Water Meter     Kamstrup Encoded Output Ultrasonic Water Meter

Meter Specifications
Meter Size Designation Starting Flow Min. Flow Max. Flow Pressure Loss
@ 15 GPM
5/8" x 1/2" meter thread .015 GPM .10 GPM 25 GPM 4.1
5/8" x 3/4" meter thread .015 GPM .10 GPM 25 GPM 4.1
3/4" x 7.5" long .015 GPM .10 GPM 25 GPM 3.0
 3/4" x 9" long .015 GPM .10 GPM 25 GPM 3.0


The FlowIQ 2100 has no moving parts to wear out. It can be installed in any orientation, even vertical and upside down. The body is made of fiber reinforced polymer with a pressure rating of 250 psi and a burst rating of 1000 psi.

Alerts and Information Codes

Temperature: The Flow!Q2100 is rated for temperatures of 33F to 140F. The internal sensors can log temperature and alert when temperatures are getting near freezing or too hot, saving potential meter damage, water loss, and property damage.

Leak: The meter can track flow rates and well set an alert code when water is continuously running to alert of a potential leak past the meter.

Burst: a burst code is set when water has flowed above a programmed flow rate for a specific time indicating a possible burst in the line or high usage event

Dry: If the meter detects the flow tube has drained, a DRY code is triggered. This could indicate the meter was removed from service or the water line was drained for some other reason.

Reverse Flow: If water flows backward though the meter, an event code is set. This could be from improper installation, a backflow event, failed check valve, or attempted meter tamper. Any reverse flow usage will be recorded in the data log for billing or correction.

Tamper: If anyone attempt so disassemble the meter, a taper code will be set to alert the meter reader that the readings may be invalid.

Flow: when water is flowing even at small rates, a square do blinks to indicate usage and potential leaks.

Data Logging

All meters have an internal data log that keeps track of water usage. The meter maintains up to 460 days of daily reads, 36 months of monthly reads, and the last 50 info codes. This data can be used for customer service disputes. It is available in both the AMR/AMI meter and the Encoded output meter regardless of what third party radio transmitter or remote device is attached. 

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