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Kamstrup READy Drive-by Radio AMR system Mobile App

Kamstrup READy is a mobile Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. It is extremely user friendly and is used in the field as a standard Android smart phone or tablet app. This means no expensive and bulky dedicated and hard to maintain reading devices.  Meter readings are captured by a small radio receiver, transferred by Bluetooth to the smart phone tablet, and view in the app. Unread meters are shown in a google maps as you drive to pick them up. Reading are sent live to a cloud server for billing access or stored the mobile device to upload via WiFi or mobile internet, fully encrypted.

READy water meters mapped to Google maps on mobile phone or tablet    READy Data Flow diagram

READy is a mobile AMR system with simple migration to AMI (fixed network). Since the meters can be used with either AMR or AMI, you can also have a hybrid AMR/AMI system where rural areas are AMR and urban areas are AMI. The path from AMR to AMI is simple by just adding collectors and AMI receivers.

Meters: Composite Residential Meter and Stainless Steel body Commercial Meter

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