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Sub-metering - Private Metering for Mobile Home Parks, Apartments, Condos, and Commercial Buildings

Sub Metering

We offer Kamstrup Ultrasonic water meters and meter reading systems for sub metering. The Kamstrup ultrasonic meter is perfect for the needs of submetering and the reading systems are very affordable and simple to use.

Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meter Advantages

  • Can be installed in any orientation (horizontal, vertical, sideways, etc.
  • Light weight polymer body is strong, won't weigh down plastic tubing, and has a higher pressure rating than most brass meters.
  • Highly resistant to tamper
    • Single piece design - register cannot be removed
    • Empty pipe detection alerts if removed from line
    • Reverse flow alert
    • Magnetic tamper proof
    • Each meter radio transmission is individually encrypted with a meter specific encryption key