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Water Submeters & Reading Systems for Apartment, Condo, and Mobile Home Communities

Kamstrup Meter Official Partner Dealer Distributor for Ohio

We supply water meters and AMR and AMI equipment for metering and reading your Apartment, Condo, Homeowner Association, or Manufactured Housing Community or Mobile Home Park. It is proven that people use less water when metered and they have to account and pay for what they use. If you are building in the cost of water to your lessees, renters, or homeowners, you may become noncompetitive with rental costs. Submetering can encourage conservation and help find leaks that cost you money. The following types of properties will benefit from submetering

  • Apartment communities and properties
  • Condominiums and Associations
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Manufactured Housing Communities
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Campgrounds and Marinas
  • Malls, Commercial Strip Centers, and Multi-tenant office buildings
Apartment and Condo Submetering Manufacture Housing and Mobile Home Community Submetering Multi-Family Apartments and Highrises

What we offer:

Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meters - The Kamstrup meter is perfect for submetering. It is highly accurate, long life, has data logging capability, is highly tamper resistant, Easy to install in any orientation, light weight, compact, and has no lead content.

Kamstrup Radio and Encoder Water Meters Kamstrup Water MetersKamstrup Commercial Ultrasonic Water Meters

Kamstrup Radio AMR - Kamstrup offers two AMR meter reading systems. The Kamstrup READy cloud based reading system for Android smart phones and tablets, or the inexpensive and easy to use USB Reader. Both reading systems work with all Kamstrup RF meters, and upgrade from the USB to the Cloud based system is simple and seamless.

Kamstrup USB Reader - The USB reader is a small USB stick device. It contains software, memory, and an radio receiver. One or more meter routes are loaded on the stick and you simply walk by or drive by the meters to read them. The readings can be downloaded to the included PC software for export to a spreadsheet, external accounting software, or utility billing software. The Reader can hold up to 4000 meters and includes free software licensing for up to 800 meters. Increments between 800 and 4000 just require a small one time software license fee. There are no ongoing software or support fees required.

Kamsrtrup USB Reader - Radio AMR Meter Reading SystemKamstrup USB Water Meter Reader Software

Kamstrup READy - Ready is a smart phone or tablet based reading system. A route is loaded into the Android app, and meter locations are overlaid on a Google map. As you drive, the small RF reader reads the meters, transfers the reads via Bluetooth to the smart phone. As read, the dots disappear until all meters are read. Any meters with info codes like leaks, tampers, or burst are shown as alerts. The meter reads are either immediately or in batch sent to the Kamstrup READy Secure Cloud Suite server and are ready for billing. With a live mobile internet connection, the office has access to readings within seconds of being collected.

Kamstrup READy - Android App based Water Meter Reading AMR System Kamstrup READy AMR Water Meter Reading System

More Information:

Consult with us on the best way to start your submetering project. We can help you if you are non-metered, are upgrading from manual read to AMR meters, or have another reading system you would like to switch from. We also provide Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meters with encoded output for third party AMR and AMI systems.

Kamstrup Encoded Output Meters - If you already have a meter reading system, we can supply the superior Kamstrup ultrasonic water meters with encoded wired output. Output is standard AWWA UI-1203 protocol (Sensus compatible protocol). You can get all the benefits of high accuracy waters with your current reading system

Kamstrup Meter Advantages over traditional mechanical meters:

  • Installation Flexibility - Unlike a mechanical meter, the Kamstrup meter can be install in any configuration, vertical, sideways, upside down, or at any angle
  • Lifetime Accuracy - With no moving parts to wear, the meter is warranted to NEW meter accuracy for the 20 year life of the meter, unlike mechanical meters that only warrant new meter accuracy levels for 5 years.
  • Low Flow - The Kamstrup 5/8" and 5/8" x 3/4" meter has an industry leaking starting flow rate of 0.015 GPM. Most mechanical meters won't start recording until 0.16 to 0.25 GPM. This means you will capture leaks from drippy faucets and leaky toilets that a mechanical meter can't and bill all the water used, even the small leaks after the meter.
  • Leak Detection - The Kamstrup meter can monitor and alert for a meter that has continuous usage from a leak. It is more accurate at alerting to small leaks that mechanical meters since the flow detection is much lower.
  • Tamper Resistance - The meter is virtually free from tamper. The register is integral and cannot be removed. If removed from the pipe, an alarm will be set for "dry" when it's drained. If turned backward, it will record reverse flow in a log and alert to backflow, it is not subject to magnetic interference. The data stream on RF readings is individually encrypted and only the meter owner has the encryption key.
  • Temperature Monitoring - The meters continually monitor both water and ambient temperatures. The data stream allows you to detect low temperatures that might cause a meter to freeze, or hot temperatures such as heat tape failure that might damage a meter. You can correct the situation before you have a failure with lost water or meter damage.
  • Polymer body - The fiberglass infused polymer body is actually rated to higher pressures than a brass meter, and there is no value to metal scrappers who might try to steal one.
  • Data Logging - Independent of the AMR or AMI system, each meter has internal data logging for usage auditing. The log contains 460 days of daily readings, 65 weeks of weekly readings, 36 months of monthly readings, and the last 50 info codes of alert events such as tamper backflow, leak, bust, or temperature events.
  • Programmable - If you have some properties that use gallons and others use use cubic feet, you don't get stuck with extra inventory. A new meter can be reprogrammed between gallons and cubic feet. 
  • AMR and AMI system Flexibility - We have Kamstrup READy AMR and AMI systems for drive by and fixed network reading. The READy AMR system has an inexpensive USB reader as well as the READy system which reads meters with an Android phone or tablet. The encoder version of the meter is industry standard output protocol to work with most every AMR, AMI, or cellular based system on the market  today, as well as simple visual read remote displays such as shown below.
  •  Kamstrup Encoded Output Ultrasonic Water meter for AMR, AMI, and Visual Remotes