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Sewerin Leak Correlator Hydrophone Kit - For SeCorr C200 or SeCorrPhon AC200


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  • $5,538.00

Hydrophone Kit
For SeCorr C200/AC200
Leak Noise Correlator

Most leak correlators use microphone type sensors to pick up leak sound traveling down the wall of the pipe or tubing. Sound does not travel the same speed or distance on different materials. Sound on Plastic pipe travels only around 200' limiting the usefulness of most leak correlators in plastic pipe systems. The HYDROPHONES  are designed to listen for the leak sound in the water column rather than the pipe wall. Sound travels many times faster in water than on metal or plastic, so hydrophones can increase the performance on plastic pipe greatly. On the C200 and AC200 correlators, the correlation distance can be extended up to 1000' or more plastic pipe with using hydrophones. Hydrophones are connected to two hydrant hose nozzles to correlate for leaks between them. The hydrants do need to be flushed and pressurized with water to correlate. 

Hydrophone Kit for SeCorr C 200 and SeCorrPhon AC 200:

  • 2 Hydrophones
  • 2 Fire Hydrant Hose Nozzle Adapters (National Standard Thread)
    (you may need thread adapters for custom thread specs)
  • 2 Cables to attach to correlator sensors
  • 2 Flushing hoses
  • Storage box custom cut foam insert

We also have accessories to use hydrophones in meter setters, test ports, or other access ports to a water line. See below for optional adapters to adapt hydrophones to 3/4" garden hose thread, and for tapped meter idlers to use a meter setter as an access point. Just use a female x female garden hose between them such as those available for washing machines. 

This item ships ONLY to Ohio and Michigan customers. Please visit to find the local distributor for other states.

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