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Bright Dyes

Fire Hydrant Parts, Tools, and Accessories

Gas Devices for Biogas and Landfill

Gas Leak Detection - Indoors

Gas Leak Detection - Outdoors

Gas Warning Devices

GIS - Asset Management Products, Services, and Resources

GIS and GPS Enabled Pipe & Cable Locators

GIS enabled Leak Locators and Correlators

H2Ohio Public Water System Equipment Grant Eligible Items

Inventory Deals

IWS - Insightful Water Solutions

Kamstrup Water Meters and AMR Systems

Leak Detection & Correlating - Leak Noise Correlators

Leak Detection & Locating - Acoustic Leak Detectors

Leak Detection & Locating - Leak Logging Systems

Leak Locators, Leak Noise Correlators, and Leak Loggers

Mandatory Fees

Metal and Ferromagnetic Detctors

Meter Couplings & Flanges

Meter Flanges & Accessories

MIcronics Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Micronics Ultrasonic Sewer Flow Meters

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Nobel Systems - GIS, Asset Management, Work Orders

Pipe & Cable Locators

Portable Clamp-on Flow Meters

PVC, Plastic, and Non-metallic Pipe Locating Equipment

Remote Water Meter Reading - Touch Reading and Visual Remotes

SCADA Systems

Sewer Pipe Cameras, Manhole, and Valve Box Inspection Cameras

Sewer Smoke Testing Equipment

Sewerin Acoustic Leak Locators

Sewerin Gas Detection Detection Devices & Systems

Sewerin Gas Leak Detection and Analyzer Products

Sewerin Leak Locators

Sewerin Leak Loggers

Sewerin Leak Noise Correlators

Sewerin Metal Locators

Sewerin Pipe & Cable Locators

Sewerin Tracergas Leak Locator

SXblue GIS Equipment and GNSS Receivers & Software

SXblue Ruggedized Android and Windows Tablets

SXblue SXpad - handheld GPS/GNSS data collectors for GIS

Test Gases and Test Sets

Tools & Accessories

Trumbull Meter Box and Manhole Covers

Ultrasonic Meters for Non-Full Pipes

Ultrasonic Meters for water, wastewater, or storm water

Utility Marking and Measuring Products

Utility Technologies Service Offerings

Valve and Hydrant Products

Valve and Valve Box Accessories and Tools

Vendor - 64 Seconds WaterPoint GIS and Leak Detection Products

Vendor - BoxLok

Vendor - CKR Products

Vendor - Copperhead

Vendor - Everflow

Vendor - ForBest Sewer Cameras

Vendor - HydroVerge

Vendor - Kemp Meek Meter Reading Products

Vendor - Keson Measuring and Marking Products

Vendor - Kingscote Chemical

Vendor - Nicor Meter Box Covers

Vendor - Rhino Utility Marking Products

Vendor - RinnoVision

Vendor - Sewerin - All products from Sewerin

Vendor - Sewerin Products

Vendor - Sonic Driver

Vendor - SW Services

Vendor - SXblue GPS

Vendor - Trumbull Manufacturing Products

Vendor - Vernon Manufacturing

Wastewater & Storm Water Products

Wastewater Collection Products

Water and Gas Meter Tools

Water Leak Logger Systems

Water Leak Mapping and Water Loss GIS Solutions

Water Leak Noise Correlators

Water Loss Management and Leak Detection Equipment

Water Meter Couplings

Water Meter Gaskets

Water Meter Gaskets - EPDM Rubber (NSF-61)

Water Meter Gaskets - Leather

Water Meter Gaskets - Rubber

Water Meter Readers

Water Metering Products

Water Meters & Reading Systems

Water Submetering for Mobile Homes, Apartments, Condos, and HOA's

Yoke Type Meter Setter Parts