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64 Seconds WaterPoint LNC2 GIS Integrated Leak Noise Correlator Leak Logger Kit

64 Seconds

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WaterPoint LNC2 


WaterPoint LNC is a leak noise correlator system that pinpoints pipeline leaks within the WaterPoint Network (WPN) App.  The LNC sensors detect vibrations on access points on the pipe and communicate them to the LNC Base and iPad wirelessly.  Using advanced signal processing, the App processes the information received from the sensors along with WPN map information to pinpoint any leaks detected. 

Correlations are automatically saved with the App along with photos, sound recordings and analysis results. LNC data is always stored locally on the iPad and can be shared and archived via the WPN Cloud Server.

WaterPoint Network LNC Leak Noise Correlator     WaterPoint LNC Leak Noise Correlator - Leak Sensors

GIS Mapping Integration

  • If you DON'T currently have GIS data or just want to enter data yourself as you go, you can add assets such as hydrants, valves, and pipes to the WaterPoint Network (WPN) map app to illustrate the correlation deployment Correlation data and leak noise will be recorded to the mapped assets. Repeated correlation history can be saved to the map for future availability.
  • If you DO currently have GIS, your GIS data can be used to pre-populate the fields needed to co correlations, and measurements between sensors automatically entered  in the correlation tables.
    • Import GIS data only - Without signing up for the WPN Plan, an optional service is available to convert and import your existing GIS data to the WPN maps.
    • WaterPoint Network Plan - A separate mobile GIS and asset management plan is available that includes free importing of your existing GIS data. It also allows multiple users to share data, and is a complete mobile GIS based Asset Management and Work Orders System. It includes off-site cloud based backup and sync services and complete work order and asset management reporting. See the WPN and WPN Plan information for more details.


  • Mobile Software - The Correlation is truly mobile using and iPad or iPad mini. No clunky laptops or awkward handhelds to carry or to be tethered to a vehicle.
  • Compact Size - The complete case less iPad is about 12" x 10" x 8". The sensors are smaller than a 12 oz beverage can at 2-1/8" diameter x 6" long.
  • Wireless Sensors - The sensors communicate with a receiver and iPad wirelessly for programming and data retrieval. There are no wires for remote power or external antennas. The only wire is a charge to charge up to 4 sensors at once when docked in the storage case.
  • Multiple Sensors - Leak correlation with 2, 3, or 4 sensors. With 3 sensors you can correlate all three pipes simultaneously on a pipe with a tee, wye, or service connection. With 4 sensors you can correlate all 4 branches of a cross or two tee or wye branches. You can also do two separate independent correlation deployments with two sensors at each.
  • Leak Loggers - The LNC Leak sensors are also loggers. They can be programmed to record overnight up to 24 hours in advance unattended to find leaks masked by usage noise or traffic areas when it's quieter at night.
  • Flexible Deployment - Most correlators require both sensors to be in contact with the distribution system. The LNC can often correlate with one sensor on the ground above the pipe with the LNC stage plate where no direct contact location is available. 
  • Integrates with GIS data - If  your GIS data is entered on the map, the correlation tables can automatically fill in pipe lengths, diameters, and material to simplify correlation data entry. Users can switch between maps and satellite image overlays.
  • WaterPoint Network Software and WPN Plan - The base software is a free IOS mapping  and leak correlation app. Additional integration with GIS, and adding asset management, GIS, work orders, and Water Loss mapping, and cloud backup and reporting services is an optional upgrade.


  • 2, 3, or 4 LNC2 Sensors
    • 2 logger, 3 logger, or 4 logger kits available - loggers can be added later
  • LNC2 Base (manages communication)
  • LNC2 Dock (recharges Sensors)
  • LNC2 Stage (for direct asphalt recording)
  • Protective & eye-bolt sensor caps
  • Power supply & auto USB adapter
  • Cables & carabiners (for chambers & valve boxes)
  • Safety vest
  • One year limited warranty
  • iPad can be supplied optionally, purchased locally, or use one you already own.


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