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Utility Technologies, LLC List of Vendors and Partners

We represent the following major manufacturers and vendors:

Vendor Name Products Territory/
64 Seconds Leak Detection and GIS/Asset Management  OH,MI
Ampstun Utility Billing Software OH 
CKR Meter box insulatrion disks and valve box mud plugs OH
Copperhead Tracer wire and accessories OH
Goldak Locating Sondes OH, MI
Kingscote Chemicals Leak Dyes and Smoke testing OH,MI
Hydroverge Hydroverge Kerf Cutter and Hydrant Buddy OH, MI, WV
Kemp Meek Mfg. Meter Readers OH, MI, WV 
Keson Measuring Wheels OH
Micronics Clamp-on Ultrasonic Meters Micronics Ultrasonic Clamp-on Meters OH, MI, WV
Nicor Polymer meter box covers OH, MI, WV
Nobel Systems Nobel Systems GIS, Asset Management, Work Orders apps OH, MI, WV
Rhino Markers Rhino Markers Utility Marking Products OH, MI
RinnoVision RinnoVision Manhole Camera OH, MI, WV
Sewerin Leak Detectors and Locators OH,MI
SW Services SW Services Valve Box Debris Caps OH, MI, WV
SXblue GIS Software and Services OH,MI
Trumbull Manufacturing Waterworks Tools OH,MI
Vernon Manufacturing Bulk Water Dispensing System OH,MI