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Bright Dyes

Bright Dyes water leak tracing dyesBright Dyes By Kingscote Chemicals


Bright Dyes® has been the leader in the Water Tracer Dye market for more than 60 years. We manufacture a complete line of tracer dye products (fluorescent and non-fluorescent), along with products like our Toilet Leak Detective Kits that help customers conserve their community water supplies. For added convenience, we also carry a line of handheld UV Leak Detector Lights to use with your tracer dye applications. These are bright UV lights, with fluorescing up to 20 feet of visibility in the darkness. Make your work more efficient with safe, easy to see, easy to use Fluorescent Dye Leak Tracing Products from Bright Dyes®.

About Bright Dyes® and Our Eco Clean Water Tracing Dyes

Why choose our leak tracing supplies over one of our competitors? Is UV dye really biodegradable? Yes! All of our products are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and many are certified to ANSI/NSF International Standard 60. The Bright Dyes® division of Kingscote Chemicals provides a variety of leak tracing products to over 4,000 governmental water, wastewater authorities, and private companies around the world. These specially formulated tracer dyes track the flow of water, sewage and industrial effluents, thereby assisting users in water conservation and pollution abatement management.

How long do our UV dyes last in the water? They are designed to dissipate quickly as to not damage the water, but they last long enough for you to spot issues, track the water flow, and get answers efficiently! See the difference for yourself with our dye leak test supplies.