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Zenner Residential Meters

Zenner Residential water meters are available in Multi-jet, PD, and Ultrasonic. We also have specialty meters available for hot water and high pressure. 

Meters are available with various register types and for different meter reading options.

  • Local Visual Read Registers
  • Encoder registers with Digital Remotes
  • Encoder registers with Inductive Touchpads
  • Encoders for third party systems with bare wire, Itron, or Nicor connectors
  • Stealth Meter Reading Transmitters for AMR and AMI and LoRaWan
  • Stealth Cellular AMI transmitters
 Ultrasonic Water MetersZenner Ultrasonic Water Meters Displacement and MultiJet MetersZenner Positive Displacement and Multi-jet Water Meters
Meters with AMR, AMI, and Encoded OutputStealth AMR/AMI Meters Zenner Digital Cellular AMI MetersZenner Stealth Cellular IoT Water Meters

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