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Water Leak Detection Services - Ohio

We market high quality professional leak locating equipment, but do not generally provide leak detection as a field service. However, if you are interested in owning a leak locator, we would be happy to do field demonstrations.

We do offer Tracer Gas Leak detection services. Tracer gas is a specialized leak detection method for leaks that cannot be located with acoustic locating. Most often this would be NEW water mains that don't pass initial pressure tests due to gasket leaks. The leak must be in a line you are willing to shut down temporarily and isolated from the active distribution system to do Tracer Gas leak detection. Call us for a quote on Tracer Gas leak detection in Ohio, Michigan, or  surrounding areas.

If you are located in Ohio and just need traditional acoustic underground leak detection services, We recommend you contact the following Leak Detection and locating companies who use our professional leak detection and locating products:

All Ohio

Southwest Ohio (Greater Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky)

Eastern Ohio (Steubenville, Wheeling, WV)

Northeast Ohio

Northwest Ohio

  • JL Leak Detection, Toledo, OH 43619 (419) 973-2441

Call us for information on other Ohio companies that provide leak detection as a service if outside these areas.

If you are an Ohio or Michigan based plumbing company, waterworks service company, or leak detection company looking for leak locators, leak detectors, leak correlators, or pipe locators, or related  marking and measuring accessories, please see our product listings.