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Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifting Tool for Water or Gas Utilities, MVB-24

Utility Technologies

  • $149.00

Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifter Tool

This is a 24" long magnetic valve box lid lifter with a super strong Neodymium permanent magnetic end. The magnet has a 249 lb. rated lifting capacity(1) that easily lifts standard 4 to 6" cast iron or steel valve box lids out of the valve box. The shaft is 3/4" solid steel, with a T-handle with spike end that can be used to pry stuck lids. 

  • NEW HANDLE DESIGN - Now rounded with sharper tip for easier prying of stuck lids
  • NEW POWDER COAT - We are now powder coating rather than painting for better corrosion and scratch protection.
  • 24" long solid steel shaft reduces bending over.
  • Very strong rare earth neodymium magnet for lid lifting
  • Permanent magnet retains pick up power for the life of the tool
  • T-Handle can be used for hammering or prying stuck lids
  • Just tilt 45 degrees to easily slide off of the lid - No complicated handles or levers
  • Steel shell protects magnetic pickup end
  • Model MVB-24 by Utility Technologies
  • Model MVB-24X has an EXTRA strong 400# pull magnet
  • QUANTITY DISCOUNT - Buy 6 or more and get $10 off each one using discount code MVB-24X6 at checkout.

An optional magnet protector plate is also available separately. with felt on one side and steel plate on the other. It can help protect the magnet when not in use from other items in your vehicle or toolbox.

      Video Demonstration:

      Magnetic ends are user replaceable. Call for replacement magnet kits.

      Worker safety benefits:

      • Save from repetitive knee or back injury by reducing kneeling and bending over.
      • You are safer standing in busy roadways than kneeling by being seen and being able to react quicker to moving vehicles.
      • Save your fingers from being pinched  in the valve box finger holes or getting rusty metal splinters in your fingers.
      • Place lids easily back into the hole and rotate if needed  for best fit without bending over
      • Save yourself the discomfort of touching hot metal lids in the summer or cold lids in the winter.

      Bonus Uses:

      • Lift flat non-locking meter box covers
      • Lift drain grates, tree grates, and curb grates
      • Find and pick up nuts, bolts, and other parts in the grass when working on fire hydrants.
      • Lift broken metal or valve box pieces out of broken valve boxes or curb boxes up to 24" deep.
      • Magnetically retrieve, nuts, bolts, or tools dropped into meter boxes, valve box, manholes, catch basins, or vaults. Stay dry and avoid pumping to find them when those items are underwater
      • Note: 250# lift is not recommended to be powerful enough to lift standard manhole covers safely. See our other listings for Manhole lifting hooks.


      (1) Magnet industry ratings are by pull power of flat sheet steel. Rough, rusty, or dirty surfaces of valve box lids will be somewhat less. However, the magnet size is optimized for average 5-1/2" Iron valve boxes.

      Distributor/resale pricing available: Contact us for bulk reseller pricing terms and information. (Reseller minimum order quantity = 1 carton of 6 units, full cartons only).


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