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Water or Gas Valve Box Mud and Debris Plug


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Valve Box Mud and Debris Plug

 The Valve Box Plug fits a standard water or gas valve box and is effective in keeping dirt, mud, salt, rocks and debris from collecting in the bottom of the valve box.  The high visibility handle allows for easy removal. The Valve Box Plug is made from closed cell foam that will not absorb water and is cut with a slight taper for easier installation but not compromising a snug fit that will keep the plug at the desired height in the valve box.

The Valve Box Plug can also be special ordered to fit any other valve stem riser pipe options.

Product Characteristics

Plug Body:

  • Laminated closed cell polyethylene foam, USA origination R-value 2.5 per inch Will not absorb sediment or water, lightweight Handle: 1/4" Braided Polypropylene, USA origination Tensile strength: 975 lbs., safe working load: 170 lbs. Standard plug is 6-1/4" diameter x 4" thick. Custom Diameter plugs can be special ordered, but Please call for pricing. Fits the TOP SECTION I.D. of a standard 5-1/4" valve box.
  • Items marked SPECIAL are special order items. Allow 5-7 days for special order items. Special order items are not returnable.

Handle connection:

  • Long bury spliced with 2 heat welds. The handle is installed through the body of the plug and heat welded. The polypropylene handle is highly visible and is resistant to rot, mildew, oils, gas and most chemicals.

OPTION: An option is available to have a Tyvek Asset Management Tag attached. The tag can be labeled with the Asset name, number,  valve size, manufacturer, turn direction, and normal status. The back side has lines for maintenance records such as valve exercising dates, or clean outs. Tags bought with plugs include zip ties for attachment. Tags are also available separately with brass grommets or with magnets for attachment to valve box lids in other listings

Shipping Note: These items are very light, but bulky to ship. They are subject to "USPS and UPS Dimensional Weight" charges based on volume rather than actual weight. Multi-Pack cartons are optimized to keep the shipping costs per unit as low as possible on purchases of more than 8 units.

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