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64 Seconds WPN - WaterPoint Network

WaterPoint Network

by 64 Seconds

Waterpoint Network WPN or the newest version, WPN2 is a free app in the Apple iTunes app store that works with the IOS operating system including the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. WPN has basic but limited functionality in the free download version, and many more benefits when you add the cloud server based WaterPoint Network Plan (WPN Plan).  A WPN Plan However, you can download the free version to try before you commit to a plan.

WPN is mobile GIS System, Asset Management System, and Work Orders System. It is also the base software for the PLD Pipe Leak Detector and the LNC Leak Noise Correlator. You can create GIS objects (Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, Gas, Electric, Streets) with the iPad built in GPS. You can also draw or drag and drop them on the maps. You can use external high resolution GPS/GNSS receivers to pinpoint assets with bluetooth or wired NMEA connections. With the WPN Plan, you can also have existing external data (shape files or csv) files imported to the map. You can find assets in several ways: Graphically on the map, search by asset name or address, or write in detailed notes. You can also attach photos showing the asset in relation to curbs, driveways, roadways, etc.

Once you have assets on the map, you can use them to inventory and locate in the field as well as perform "Asset Management". Asset management includes keeping track of all maintenance, repairs, replacements, and life cycle costs on the mapped asset. This could include leak repairs, hydrant flushing programs, valve exercising programs, manhole inspections, storm drain  clean outs, or any other maintenance activity you perform. Work orders can also be created to manage scheduled maintenance and optionally assigned to specific workers and/or crews. Photos of repair and maintenance work can also be directly attached to the mapped asset for a complete history. All data collected can be sent to the WPN Plan server when subscribed for reporting and data export. 

WPN Plan users get initial training and ongoing support for the life of their renewable term. Terms are available for 1, 3, or 5 years. WPN Plan subscribers also get unlimited software updates and upgrades.

The WPN software is also the basis for the PLD and LNC leak detection, leak logging, and leak locating devices. When these devices are used with WPN, the leak audio recordings can be recorded to the asset for future use and analysis. If on the WPN Plan, you also get expert help and analysis if requested on interpretation of results. The LNC can use existing pipe data to calculate pipe measurements, pipe distances and making leak correlation quicker. It can be from data already mapped or mapped at the time of correlation.

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