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FREE TRIAL - WaterPoint Network Mobile GPS and Asset Management for IOS mobile devices

You can try out the WaterPoint Network Version 1 (WPN) or Version 2 (WPN2) GIS and Asset Management app with a FREE download from the Apple iTunes App Store. Although it won't have full functionality without a subscription to a WPN Plan, you should be able to evaluate if it will help your utility for an unlimited amount of time on a single IOS device (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or iPod touch).

Capability of Demo vs. Full WPN Plan

Training and Support - There is an extensive online users manual linked in the software.  A WPN plan includes full one day on-site initial training for all your staff and ongoing email or phone support for the life of the plan (1, 3, or 5 years - renewable). If you call us, we would be happy to provide a  demonstration of the full capabilities.

GIS Creation - You can create all available GIS data elements for water, wastewater, storm water, gas, electric, and streets. You can add maintenance activity, create work orders take and attach photos, and enter just about all GIS and asset management data. A WPN plan is required to import and convert existing GIS data or export GIS data to another GIS system or to the WPN server for cloud backup. GIS creation accuracy will be at the limitation of the iPad built in GPS. For WPN plan subscribers, we can offer support for external high resolution GIS using Topcon, Trimble, or other GNSS receivers.

Work orders - You can create work orders in WPN without a plan on a single ipad. To backup work orders and synchronize to multiple laptops requires the could server include in a paid WPN plan. The cloud server will also have several backups available for restoration in the event of a loss or corruption of data.

Leak Detection & Correlation - WPN will have the ability to collect leak audio data for the PLD leak detector and provide data to calculate and store leak correlations with the LNC leak noise correlator if you own them. However it will not be backed up offsite or synchronize to multiple mobile devices unless you have the WPN plan.

Reports - Reports are generated from the WPN Server included in a WPN plan after synchronizing data from all mobile devices.  Advanced reporting requires the WPN Plan. However, in the demo, you can print some work orders to a PDF form for printing and filing locally.

A WPN plan includes the following:

  • Choice of a 1, 3, or 5 year plan subscription (renewable)
  • Initial onsite or online training
  • Ongoing email and phone tech support for the life of you plan
  • All software upgrades and updates for the life of your plan or renewals with simple updates through the Applie iTunes app store.
  • Private cloud based services on a secure managed server
  • Initial import of existing GIS data in .SHP, or .CSV format
  • Ability to export ALL your GIS and asset management data at any time you wish for backup, reporting, archiving, or export to any other system.
  • Data synchronization to the off site could server for multiple IOS devices
  • Backup and archiving of your cloud data
  • Server storage of media (photos an leak recordings) as needed to keep from filling up your mobile device.
  • Consulting on leak detection data from optional leak detection devices.
  • Ongoing product update announcements and how-to's.
  • One set budgetable price for the plan based on the number of water service connections you have (or sewer connections if you are a watewater only utility).
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited IOS devices
    • Unlimited Cloud storage data and data synchronizations
    • No extra cloud data transfer or data storage charges (you may have costs through your local cellular and/or internet provider)
  • Option to purchase other paid products and services:
    • Paid follow-up onsite or web training of new staff or retraining as needed in the future at fixed rates
    • Data conversion of non-GIS data to importable GIS data.
    • Apple IOS devices and accessory purchase (you can also purchase  or bid locally)
    • External GPS/GNSS devices and interfaces
    • Integrated Leak Detection equipment
      • PLD Leak Detector/Locator
      • LNC Leak Noise Correlator
WaterPoint Network (WPN) WaterPoint Network Version 2 (WPN2)
WaterPoint Network GIS and Asset Management App WaterPoint Network GIS and Asset Management App