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Business/Municipal Credit Applications & Sales Tax Exemption Info

Credit & Sales Tax Exemption Forms:

Credit applications:

Note: We do NOT offer personal credit accounts, only government and certain businesses.

Sales Tax Policy:

We are required to charge sales tax on shipments to Ohio and Michigan only. Shipping and handling is taxable in both states. If you have a valid reason for sales tax exemption, we must have a valid signed tax exempt form on file before the sale is made. We do not refund sales tax once a sale is made. Blank forms are available linked below.

Sales Tax Exemption Forms:

Please download and complete and sign the appropriate form for your use. Sales tax will be charged unless a valid exemption form is provided with the purchase order or sale. Forms must be signed where required and the reason for exemption completed. Email, mail for fax forms to the address below:

Tax Exempt Purchase on this website: If you would like to make online purchases on this website, please create an account first. After creating the account, send us a blanket sales tax exemption form with a note that you would like to purchase on the website online. We will then set your account with a blanket tax exemption on all future purchases.

Tax Exempt Purchase on eBay: If you need to make a tax exempt purchase shipped to Ohio or Michigan on our eBay store, please email us a tax exempt for and the ebay item listing number you are interested in. We will create a special tax exempt listing for you to purchase from. We cannot set an eBay buyer with a blanket exemptions, only an individual listing. If you provide a unit exemption, it will only apply to the one transaction. If you supply a blanket exemption we can keep on file, but you will need to contact us to create  custom listings to be exempt.




Send Credit Applications or Sales tax exemption forms  to one of the following:





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Accounts Receivable
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