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Water Leak Noise Correlators

Water Leak Noise Correlators

Leak Noise Correlators and Accessories. A leak noise correlator is a device that uses 2 or more acoustic leak sensors. Each sensor has a synchronized clock. The time it takes leak noise to travel from a leak to each sensor on both sides of a leak is measured by each sensor and the difference is used to precisely calculate the location of the leak.

We currently have four models of leak correlators available withe the following features. Please contact us for information, quotes, or demonstrations. Here is a brief summary of features

Sewerin SeCorr 08

  • Analog Leak locator with two RF leak Sensors with microphones
  • Hydrophone option available for locating leaks on plastic pipe or long runs.
  • Handheld Controller with all functions built in and simple keypad data entry
  • Very quick and easy to use, no external computer needed.

Sewerin SeCorr AC06

  • This product has the same functionality as the SeCorr 08 above as far as leak correlation, but combines an acoustic leak detector into the handheld controller.

Sewerin SeCorr 300

  • This correlator is a fully digital correlator with two RF leak sensors and microphones.
  • Hydrophone option is available for plastic pipe or long range correlating
  • The software runs on Windows Laptops or Windows 8 or 10 Surface pro tablets.
  • The Windows software can save virtually infinite information about correlation history in a permanent database
  • The software can do extensive sound analysis and filtering to find otherwise difficult to find leaks.
  • The Windows software can do graphic leak correlation situation diagramming 
  • Printable leak correlation reports can be generated.

64 Seconds - WaterPoint LNC

  • The Waterpoint LNC Leak Noise Correlator is a combination Leak Correlator, Leak Logger, and can integrate with GIS mapping systems.
  • The LNC can use 2, 3, or 4 loggers. 3 is useful for logging near Tees and Wyes, 4 loggers saves times with multiple Tees, Wyes, or Crosses in water lines.
  • The software is a an Apple IOS app available in the iTunes app store and can be used on iPad tablets.
  • Data needed to correlate (pipe sizes, pipe materials, and distances between sensors) can be pulled from GIS imported or created in the software.
  • Leak correlation data is automatically saved to the mapped GIS assets for asset management.
  • Correlation can be done as night logging delaying deployment up to 24 hours, unattended at any time of day or night
  • GIS integration can do leak history GIS mapping.
  • Leak Correlation software can be upgrade to the WaterPoint Network Plan for a complete water loss and GIS based asset management systems.