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Sewerin UT 9000 Multi-frequency Pipe & Cable Accessories


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  • $367.00

UT 9000 Pipe & Cable Locator Add-on Accessories

UT-9000 Pipe & Cable Locator

Locator Kit Listing

    Optional Accessories available below:

    • Y-Cable - for energizing two lines at the same time. Cable has one ground and two signal leads (12 watt transmitter version only)
    • Cable Clamp - 5" Cable clamp for energizing insulated cables such as electric, telephone, or other cables where direct metal to metal connection is not available.
    • Bluetooth Antenna Dongle - for more consistent Bluetooth connection with external high resolution GPS/GNSS receivers (Trimble, Topcon, SXblue, etc.)
    • Step Voltage Probe - For fault finding on electric or other energized lines. finds the wire break with an A-frame probe
    • Marker Ball Antenna - Add on antenna for finding 3M RFID utility markers
    • Cable Drums - Cable reels to use where grounding with the ground stake may not work. such as dry ground or poorly conductive soil.

    We are the factory authorized dealer for Ohio and Michigan only. Orders for delivery outside this area will be cancelled and referred to your local dealer. All accessories are special order. Call for current pricing and availability.

    UT 9000, UT-9000, UT9000

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