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Sewerin UtiliTrac R130 Multi-frequency Pipe & Cable Locator + Sonde


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The standard in pipeline and cable detection

The unique UtiliTrac system sets new standards in locating underground pipelines. 
Its balanced design and intuitive single button operation ensure comfortable and effortless work over longer periods of time. 
The UtiliTrac can be folded to the length of your forearm and transported in the system case. This case also holds the generator. Weighing less than 16 lb. (7 kg) in total, the UtiliTrac is ideal for field use.

  • Three dimensional display of line position and locating sondes
  • Single button operation provides the user with intuitive and simple navigation with the menu
  • Frequency scan function
  • Folding receiver which can be perfectly stowed in the compact generator case

The Receiver

The “compass” display shows the user the orientation and location of the service being traced and is not dependent on the locator´s orientation i.e. it works in any direction. Depth to the service and signal strength is shown allowing you to see if you are still tracing the correct service or if perhaps the signal has “jumped”. 

Single trigger operation provides the user with intuitive and simple navigation through the menu. The unit can automatically scan and tune to active frequencies or be tuned at the user´s discretion.

The UtiliTrac is the first folding receiver which can be perfectly stowed in the compact generator case.

The new aerial technology allows the UtiliTrac to clearly indicate pipelines and sondes in the screen display.

Receives 17 Active Frequencies plus Passive Frequencies for 50/60 Hz power (single, 3 phase, plus high power), Radio (11.6 - 31.4 kHz), CPS (DC 100 Hz), plus CATV (30.275-34.65 kHz)

The G100 Signal Generator Transmitter

The compact design and the patented aerial construction make the 10 W transmitter G 100 the perfect partner for the receiver. The aerial construction provides above-average inductive coupling strength, allowing a greater distance between the transmitter and the receiver.

Both the frequency and the current can be adjusted clearly and quickly using the arrow keys. The user can also select an energy-saving “pulsed output”.

A long life lithium ion rechargeable battery provides operating time of up to 36 hours. The battery status is indicated by LEDs.

The G 100 offers the user two signal outputs for the “simultaneous” tracing of two different, parallel services with different frequencies. As soon as two cable sets are connected to the G 100, the operator can adjust them individually to the control unit.

Multi-frequency Transmitter with 17 Active Frequencies from 512 Hz to 200 kHz

R-130 - Multi-frequency Pipe & Cable Locator + Sonde Locator
  • Locations pipe and cable as well as transmitter sondes on push rods or built into sewer cameras. Sonde devices sold separately. 

Accessories Available

  • Glass-fiber probe rods for locating plastic service lines
  • Sonde transmitters
  • Cable Clamps
  • G1 High Power Transmitter (50 watt)

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