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BioControl 4 and 8 - Biogas Control and Monitoring


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BioControl 4 and 8

The premium system for professional process optimization: economical - versatile - reliable

Multitec® BioControl is the professional system for continuously and automatically measuring and monitoring the volume and composition of gas. It is economical, versatile and reliable. Whether in biogas plants, landfills, sewage treatment plants or composting plants – the unique combination of a stationary unit and mobile gas measuring device enables comprehensive professional process control and optimisation.

The high-quality BioControl 4 or BioControl 8 base station offers extensive and varied measuring options. Developed specifically to meet the requirements of medium-sized to large plants, it stands for process and profit optimisation, maximum reliability and individual flexibility. This premium model is recommended for plant manufacturers with the highest technological demands.

The Multitec® BioControl system comprises the stationary fixed BioControl device and a mobile gas measuring device. Depending on individual requirements, the Multitec® 540 or Multitec® 545 is the most suitable mobile unit. Up to four or even eight measurement locations are available depending on the version (BioControl 4 or BioControl 8). This means that the operator can use any of the up to four or eight measurement locations as a fixed measuring instrument. Alternatively, the Multitec® 540 / Multitec® 545 can perform mobile measurements, e.g. directly at the fermenter, secondary fermenter or even remote units in the plant, and save the measurement values in the BioControl.

Advantages at a glance  

  • Professional, comprehensive and versatile measuring
  • Several motors and desulphurisers can be monitored simultaneously by at least four measuring points
  • Four analog outputs with customer-specific programming for process control (e.g. motor only starts up as of a certain methane concentration)
  • Flowmeter for determining the exact volume of biogas produced in standard cubic metres (Nm3) and calculating the motor efficiency
  • Save time and money whilst ensuring maximum safety by way of continuous automatic measurement
  • Extremely user-friendly and individual configuration
  • Process monitoring and optimisation (e.g. by substrate adjustment)
  • Successfully improve gas quality and increase yield

The BioControl 4 / BioControl 8 and Multitec® 540 / 545 combination is a unique system. Not only does it provide precise information about the gas composition, it also accurately measures and evaluates the volume of gas produced. The efficiency of a biogas plant, landfill, sewage treatment or composting plant can be exactly calculated at any time. For example, when seasonal changes occur in the substrate, you can immediately see how these affect not only the gas quality, but also the volume of gas produced.

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