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Trumbull Collapsible Valve Key & Curb Key Kit

Trumbull Manufacturing

  • $249.00

TRUMBULL VALVE KEY KIT and Adapters operate main valves, curb and meter stops, and a variety of curb box rods and lids. Tool collapses to compact length for convenient storage in utility vehicles. Carrying case included.

Base Unit Includes:

  • Tee Handle – which doubles as a 20″ extension piece
  • AWWA Socket Extension– which fits 2″ AWWA valve operating nuts, and extends up to over 9 feet
  • Multi-Purpose Adapter – which fits on 3/4″ through 2″ curb and meter stops, and operates standard waterworks pentagons and 1/2″ curb box rods

Additional Optional Accessories Include:

  • Clean-out Auger – which is ideal for cleaning out mud and dirt in 5-1/4″ valve boxes. Includes 3" square snap pin
  • 2-Hole Lid Adapter – which operates 2-hole lids of Erie and Minneapolis curb boxes
  • Handwheel Adapter – which operates small handwheels
  • Erie/Minneapolis Adapter – which fits inside 1″ pipe of Erie and Minneapolis curb boxes to operate curb box rods (length 24", 21" insertable into 1" curb  box)
  • 3-1/2' Extension - extends valve key to  11'1"
  • Tee handle also serves as 20" Extension

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