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Non-Pop Polymer Valve Box Lid - Quiet, Secure, Radio Device Capable

SW Services

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Non Pop Lids are the permanent replacement for conventional cast iron valve box lids. Constructed of high-impact Fiberglass, reinforced Nylon and Dead-Bang™ Rubber, Non-Pop Lids prevent movement and roll-out while reducing the road noise normally associated with cast-iron lids and bases. These lids are an ideal solution for eliminating noise complaints in residential neighborhoods as well as limiting liability costs often associated with roll-out or pop-out problems.

We stock Blue, Black, and Red but and can also special order Yellow, Green, or Purple. Colors are solid clear though, and the color will not rub or wear off. Colors are a great way to easily distinguish what utility a valve is for between water, gas, sewer, or fire valves. Blue  or black can easily designate water main valves, and blue is easier to see. Red is often used to designate valves on fire lines, critical valves, valves on high pressure lines, or other designations. There is no extra cost for color valve  box lids.

Carton Quantities of 20 will be direct shipped to you from the factory. Those sold as each are generally in our local stock.

Download the Non Pop Lids Brochure

SW Services' Non-Pop Polymer Lid is made of high-impact Fiberglass reinforced Nylon and Dead-Bang™ Rubber which not only prevents movement, but reduces road noise by preventing the conventional "clank" associated with a cast-iron lid and cast iron base. Reduced noise will result in fewer complaints, particularly in quiet, residential neighborhoods.

The main body is constructed of high-impact, fiberglass-reinforced nylon, which was selected for its durability, impact and UV resistance. The rubber retention seal is an ozone and chemical resistant thermoplastic Elastomer composite (Dead-Bang™ Rubber). Both materials are of premium quality and are designed for years of service in ground-level applications, including high-traffic areas. Lids are capable of operating at temperatures in excess of 250º F and are highly resistant to UV light, Ozone, Hydrocarbon fluids such as oil, gasoline and brake fluid, antifreeze and all chemical associated with the roadway environment.

Lid removal Tool

These lids require a special lid removal tool If buying for the first time, please make sure to purchase one of these tools. These lids have an elastomeric lock which slips though the li-seat flange, and then opens up to provide restraint from movement of the lid. Traffic can never dislocate a non-Pop lid and they are extremely vandal resistant. A SPECAIL TOOL IS REQUIRED FOR THEIR REMOVAL. The tool is available here.


  • Diameter at very top: 7-3/8"
  • Height of top molded portion: 2"
  • Diameter of top molded portion: 6.75"
  • Height including bottom rubber seal ring: 3"

Benefits of Non Pop Lids

1. Helps prevent roll-out or pop-out problems normally associated with cast iron lids. Prevents accidents and helps avoid debris damage.

2. Cuts down road noise.

3. Lockout versions protect against unauthorized access.

4. Made from durable, light weight materials.

5. Easily locate buried Caps with optional 3M Locator Coil.

6. Customize your own color-coded systems.

7. Radio signals from devices such as leak loggers can penetrate non-metallic lids.

8. Rubber gasket seal helps keep valve boxes free of mud and debris.

9. No cast iron scrap value where metals theft is a problem.

10. Color lids hold color permanently unlike painted cast iron lids.

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