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COVID-19 Business operation information

[Updated May 6, 2020]


  • We are OPEN for online and phone orders as usual
  • We will do on-site presentations and visits complying with state Covid-19 safety orders by appointment only and on request (Ohio and Michigan).
  • We can do some training and software demos via remote web connections.
  • We are available for emergency and critical infrastructure leak detection services. We wish to help utilities maintain abundant clean tap water for drinking and sanitation though the pandemic and beyond.

The Ohio Governor has issued a "Stay at home order" effective Monday, March 23 at 11:59 pm, renewed through May with phase outs of certain limitations.  This order requires non-essential businesses in Ohio to close in response to the Covid-19 virus situation. We are exempt from that order to provide materials or services for critical infrastructure including water, wastewater, and gas utilities and products for public works infrastructure construction projects.

For both Ohio and Michigan, we will do on-site visits, presentations, training and demonstrations only by appointment and in compliance with ongoing state orders with group size, social distancing, and other precautions taken as required.

Our office/warehouse is open by appointment only

We are available to do on site demonstrations, presentations, and training in compliance with state required Covid-19 precautions, where web based services are not practical.

Critical Infrastructure - Water and Energy

Available Services:

  • All services allowed by state and federal orders are resumed in compliance with required safety precautions of your organization, our company, and state and federal regulations and orders. Social distancing, masks, and cleaning of shared equipment will be done as required and in the best interest of all parties.
  • A plentiful and safe water supply for sanitation, hygiene, and drinking water is extremely important in the current virus pandemic situation. We have a number of demonstration leak detection devices we can use to help you insure sufficient water resources remain available to your customers.

Water Leak Detection