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GPS and GIS Terminology Glossary

GPS and GIS terminology and acronyms

  • GIS - Geographic Information Systems - A system for collecting and mapping data in a geographic format
  • GLONASS - (GLObal Navigation Satellite System) - A constellation of satellites maintained by the Russian Government for high accuracy 3 dimensional positioning
  • GNSS - (Global Navigation Satellite System) - A system of using one or more satellite navigation systems including GPS, GLONASS, or other reginoal satellite navigation systems
  • GPS - (Global Positioning System) A constellation of satellites maintained by the US Government for high accuracy 3 dimensional positioning
  • NTRIP - (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) - a protocol for streaming differential GPS (DGPS) data over the Internet in accordance with specification published by RTCM. ODOT CORS uses NTRIP to communicate with GNSS devices to provide RTK corrections
  • CORS - (Continually Operating Reference Station) - A system to give real time GPS high accuracy RTK corrections. Networks in this Region.
  • RTK - (Real Time Kinematic) positioning using a single (properly configured) GNSS receiver in the field. A protocol for providing real time GNSS error corrections for high accuracy GPS/GIS.
  • SBAS - (Satellite Based Augmentation System) is a system that supports wide-area or regional augmentation through the use of additional satellite-broadcast messages. WAAS is the SBAS system available in the USA.
  • VRS - Virtual Reference Station - a system composed of hardware and software designed to facilitate real-time GPS/GNSS positioning based on a set of reference stations.
  • WAAS - (Wide Area Augmentation System) - an air navigation aid developed by the FAA to supplement the GPS system with the goal of improving its accuracy, integrity, and availability. Essentially, WAAS is intended to enable aircraft to rely on GPS for all phases of flight, but can improve accuracy of other GPS based locating with ground based reference stations.

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