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Nicor Meter Box Covers

Nicor meter box covers are made for AMR and AMI devices. they are Heavy duty, H20 traffic rated, radio transparent, and fit most any brand meter box ring or meter antenna or transmitter. Numerous AMR/AMI brackets and adapters are available. We carry most of the common lids found in the midwest to fit Ford, Mueller, AY MacDonald, Sigma, Vestal, and other meter boxes and rings.

  • 12" Style C - Fits Ford Meter Box and equal round "C" Style rings where the ring sits on top of the ring flange.
  • 12" Style A or W - Fits Ford or equal single lid round A rings or double lid W rings where the lid fits flush into the ring top
  • 12" Style X - Fits Ford and equal rings where the ring has the round X style hinge oposite the pentagon bolt.
  • 20" Monitor Cover - Fits the Ford Monitor Style meter box ring for large meters.
  • Flat Lid - The Nicor Flat lid and Ring is a combination locking ring and lid to fit standard 18" Drainage pipe such as ADS N-12, Hancor Meter boxes, or Contech D-2000 pipe.

AMR and AMI devices have numerous ways of being mounted. 

  • Female Thread - Most lids can have female threading to have Badger Orion MIU's, or Kamstrup antennas directly threaded into the top lid.

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