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End of Pipe Night Plug, End Plug construction Animal Guard, Tapered


  • $11.00

Temporary Pipe End Plug
  • Reusable Tapered plug fits most sizes and types of pipe
  • 6" thickness
  • Sizes for 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" pipe in stock.
  • 14" through 36" available by special order (call for quotation)
  • Closed Cell foam won't absorb water
  • Rope handle for easy removal
  • Foam Pipe Plug for Night pipe protection of plumbing and water pipe
  • Keeps dirt and animals out of water pipe under construction

The DMplug is an inexpensive, non-pressure alternative; keeping debris and sediment from entering pipe and fittings.  The tapered body allows for use in a variety of inside diameters without the expense of purchasing multiple plugs.  The taper keeps it tight and in place.  The DMplug will not absorb sediment or water, keeping the plug lightweight and ready for use time after time.  Its use is not limited to pipe, but can be used in fittings or any round application. 

Allow 7-10 business days for special order sizes.


Plug Body: 1.2# laminated closed cell polyethylene foam, USA origination R-value 2.5 per inch Minimum height 6” Will not absorb sediment or water, lightweight
Handle: 1/4" Braided Polypropylene for sizes DM-4 to DM-10, USA origination Tensile strength: 975 lbs., safe working load: 170 lbs. 3/8" Braided Polypropylene for sizes DM-12 to DM-24, USA origination Tensile strength: 1800 lbs., safe working load: 306 lbs.
Handle connection: Long bury spliced with 2 heat welds. The handle is installed through the body of the plug and heat welded. The polypropylene handle is highly visible and is resistant to rot, mildew, oils, gas and most chemicals.
Patented and Made in the USA

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