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Automatic Water Salesman - Bulk Water Vending Systems

Vernon Manufacturing

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Automatic Water Salesman

Bulk Water Vending Systems

By Vernon Manufacturing

The Vernon "Automatic Water Salesman" bulk water vending systems are easy to install and operate. We can help you custom design a system for your and your customers needs.

Mounting Options

  • The Flush mount system mounts flush o the outside wall. The front plate is a 24" x 24" stainless steel panel  with customer controls and payment options on the front. The inside control box accessible from inside the building is either 16" x 16" or 16" x 20" depending on the options chosen.

Flush Mount Bulk Water Vending Panel

  • The Streetside Box system is a 24" x 24" x 8" box with locking hinged front panel. It can be wall mounted or mounted freestanding on posts. For cold environments, and heater can be added to the box. The Streetside box is available in a painted steel cabinet or a stainless steel cabinet.

Streetside Box Vending unit mount

Vernon Automatic Water Salesman

Payment Options

The Vernon system has three optional payment mechanisms that can be installed. You can install and one, two, or all three of them.

  • Coin Mechanism - This accepts US and/or Canadian quarters, or can be set to accept tokens.
  • Currency Mechanism - The currency acceptor will accept US $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills. 
  • Credit/Debit Card Reader - The Card reader can accept bank issued credit or debit cards, and/or private programmable debit cards. Normal card authorization is done via an included Verizon or AT&T SIM card for secure cellular connection to the card processor. Wired internet is also possible where cellular is not available. Card authorization and processing services are provided by Nayax with a separate agreement after installation.
    • Private debit cards are blank programmable cards where you can program any amount your customer prepays and are an option for the card reader. The can be reprogrammed and reloaded and are a good option for where a water hauler may not want to issue credit cards to their staff.  There are also no bank credit processing fees on private cards. With the card reader, you can accept only bank issued cards, only your own debit cards, or both. 
  • Key Override Switch - A Key operated switch option is available so that your own staff can dispense water bypassing payments for your own use or other authorized unpaid bulk dispensing. 

    Control ValvesSolenoid Control Valves

    • Control valves are available vending in sizes 1/2", 1", 2", 3", and 4".
    • Automatic Drain - For overhead filling where you have a riser pipe, an Automatic Drain option is available for the control valve.  This is a second solenoid on the downstream side of the valve allowing he riser pipe to slowly drain to keep from freezing in cold weather. 

    Multi-size or Multi-price Vending Options

    A single vending control box can be set up to sell bulk water from two different size fill valves and or risers. A Choice Switch selects which valve and fill pipe is used before  payment is made.  Some Examples we've worked with:
    • Two sizes of bulk water for haulers - a standard 2" overhead riser for truck mounted water containers, and a 3" or 4" fill option for large tanker trucks with pumper nozzle hoses and tanker trucks with built in air gaps.
    • Bulk water for water haulers such as 2" and small  1/2" or 1" fill for RV's or smaller drinking water jugs.
    • Water at two different qualities or prices. We've made systems for vending drinking water at one price; and filtered, RO, or softened water for a premium price. Or drinking water at one station and chlorine free agricultural or irrigation water at a different station and price. 

    Choice Switch to chose bulk water vending size,volume, or fill station

    Swivel Fittings and Fill arms

    • We can supply swivel fittings with one, two, or three planes of rotation. These allow your riser fill arm pipes to swivel sideways, up, or out of the way of traffic lanes when not in use. Local straight piping should be sourced locally to you.
    • Torsion arms are available with spring torsion mechanisms to balance heavy fill arms for movement with little effort. 

    Bulk Water Fill station swivel fittings for riser arms Torson Spring Arms for bulk water fill stations

    Flow Meters

    The Vernon system does not need meters to operate. It works like most self car washes with a timer. You program the timer based on the fixed flow rate of the pipe and valve to dispense the correct amount of water. However, a flow meter is always recommended to audit use. you can use the same meter you use for commercial metering with AMR or AMI options, or we can provide clamp-on ultrasonic meters. Clamp on meters are easy to install and can have output to AMR or SCADA or other systems. 

    Micronics Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter

    Backflow and Cross Contamination Prevention

    A RPZ style backflow preventer is almost always required. We can optionally quote RPZ backflow preventers with the system. 

    RPZ Backflow Preventer

    An air gap is generally required for gravity fill type stations. We offer the CCCD Cross Contamination Control Device in 2", 3", or 4" sizes. It insures the proper air gap between a hose and the fill port of a tank or truck. It also has a bottom ring that can help center over the port and quick t-bolts to hold it in place. 

    Cross Contamination Control Device and Air Gap Cross Contamination Control Device for bulk water fill stations

      Call us to discuss details for pricing quotes, or bids. We provide consulting to decide on size, options, placement, and other factors. Pricing is done on an individual project basis, customized to your needs. Contact us at 513-488-1940 or by email at

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