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Cable Drum for Pipe & Cable Locators

Hermann Sewerin

  • $617.00

Steel cable reel with 820' (250m) wire. Plug in contact at hub end and large clip on the wire end. Tubular steel carry handle with support legs and brake. Works with All Sewerin pipe & cable locators

Cable Drum with Pipe and cable locators require a complete circuit to have a detectable signal on the pipe. In most situations, the signal travels from your transmitter down the pipe and travels back to the grounding rod to complete the circuit. When there is another parallel metallic line, it can also travel back through that line if there is less resistance putting a signal on the line you don't want to locate. At times the ground may not carry the signal back to the grounding rod very well, particularly in dry sandy soil.

To have a cleaner locate In both of thee above cases, you can make your own completed circuit without using the actual earth, by running a wire from the end of your intended locate back to your transmitter. This helps keep form accidentally locating the wrong line when it returns down the other pipe or cable. With the cable drum wire, you know exactly where the signal is traveling back. It can also insure you have a good circuit when the actual ground electrically resistant. Also, if you have a congested area with multiple parallel lines such as gas, Cable TV, telephone, electric, or other utilities, it will help keep your signal off the lines you don't want to locate.

Also available in a shorter 82' (25 meter) version by special order.


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