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CellPoint Water Pressure Monitor

DataStream IoT

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CellPoint™ – Is an innovative IOT solution that’s usable in a wide variety of applications across industrial and utility scenarios.

The CellPoint™ : can be connected to any analog or digital sensor and relays your data to you via our DataSense platform.

CellPoint™ is Battery powered for remote location deployment and rugged enough for any outdoor environment. Its IP68 allows it to be placed almost anywhere.

CellPoint™ is ideal for environmental monitoring, asset management, or other use cases where power and communications are not readily available.

CellPoint™ is designed to optimize large utilities and industrial infrastructure—but priced to be within reach of the smallest municipality or industrial environments.

An affordable IoT solution that’s designed monitor remote sites where traditional SCADA solutions may be inadequate. With a focus on simplicity and cost-effectiveness, CellPoint™ introduces an innovative approach to data collection that seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure and SCADA management platforms.

At the core of DataStream's CellPoint™ approach is a commitment to providing an entry-level IoT solution that doesn't compromise on capabilities. Operators are discovering the unparalleled ease that CellPoint™ brings to data collection, and how effortlessly it complements and enhances their current SCADA setups.

Affordability is the cornerstone of the CellPoint™ solution. We believe that powerful IoT solutions should be within reach for every industrial or utility application, regardless of the size of the operation. This is why CellPoint™ stands out – it's a cost-effective answer to the growing demand for data acquisition in the era of the Industrial Internet of Things.

CellPoint™ is a key element in the Industry 5.0 revolution IoT solutions and interfacing sensors with human operators. DataStream IoT is transforming the control world with a simple to implement solution for data logging and event monitoring.

Take the first step on the journey to enhancing your data collection.

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