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Copperhead ViperMag Combo Pipe & Cable Locator and Metal Locator


  • $2,375.00


Combination Pipe & Cable Locator and Magnetic Valve/Meter/Curb Box Locator

ViperMag is the only pipe and cable locator in it’s class that combines active locating frequencies with a ferrous metal detector in one device. This streamlines the locating process by eliminating the need for an operator to carry two devices in the field. ViperMag is the perfect tool for municipalities and utility locators.

Locate metallic pipe (Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass, Lead) with the 3 frequency pipe locating modes, as well as tracer wire, or other metal wire and cable. The transmitter works in both active conductive direct connect mode, or from above the pipe or wire in inductive mode. An optional inductive signal clamp is available for shielded and insulated cables. Locate buried metal such as valve boxes, curb boxes, meter box covers, and manhole lids with the ferrous metal locating mode.

Economical. Straight Forward.

With a user friendly menu, ViperMag is very simple to use. Equipped with a 1-watt transmitter and useful frequencies to locate underground utilities, the transmitter can be used in a direct connect application or inductive if a direct access point isn’t available. In direct connect applications the available frequencies are 512 Hz, 8.19 kHz, 83 kHz. A passive power 60 Hz frequency is available for detecting the presence of active power cables, and push-button depth will tell you the approximate depth of the utility. ViperMag’s ferrous metal detector is a highly sensitive and discriminating instrument designed to locate magnetic and ferrous materials while rejecting non-magnetic material such as aluminum cans or foil wrappers. All of this in one device at an affordable price.

  • Intelligent range of active frequencies – 512 Hz, 8.19 kHz, 83 kHz
  • Find active power cables with 60 Hz passive
  • Conductive or Inductive locating
  • Ferrous metal detector
  • Push-button depth
  • Easy to use – simple menu

Compact Design

Not only is it economical, but it's compact as well for easy storage in the cab of a pickup truck. In the soft case the dimensions are only 4" x 6" x 46". With the optional hard case, the dimensions are 5" x 14" x 53". 

ViperMag Locator Includes:

  • Receiver (3 active locating frequencies modes, 60 Hz passive live power line mode, Ferromagnetic metal detector mode)
  • Transmitter (3 Frequencies, plus fault finding) with conductive cable and winder, and nylon shoulder strap
  • Stainless Steel Grounding Stake
  • Nylon Carry/Storage Bag
  • Instruction Reference Card
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
     Transmitter Specification: Receiver Specifications:
    • 1 watt output power
    • High and low output settings
    • Induction & Direct connection modes - (automatically selected)
    • Low battery warning
    • Good connection indication
    • IP54 rating
    • Long life battery pack
    • (4 x D cells - approx. 60 hrs)
    • Hook for hanging transmitter
    • Nylon Carry Strap



    • Passive power 60Hz & Ferrous Metal
    • Polarity Indication in Ferrous mode
    • 3 active frequencies 512Hz, 8kHz, 83kHz
    • Twin antenna peak response
    • High contrast responsive display
    • IP54 rating
    • Simple four button control pad
    • One touch gain control
    • One touch depth measurement
    • Carbon fiber antenna tube
    • Audio and visual indication
    • 2 x AA battery power for approx. 20 hrs
    • Continuous battery monitoring


    Shipping on this product is only available to Ohio, Michigan, or West Virginia. Orders for shipment to other territories will be cancelled.

    If your quantity ordered doesn't show as in stock, please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

    Optional Accessories:

    • Custom cut foam lined hard carry case with carry handle
    • 2" Signal Clamp (Special Order - Contact us)
    • 4" Signal Clamp
    • Replacement Nylon Carry Bag - Zippered and Padded with 2 pockets inside
    • Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery for non-stock special order accessories
    • Classroom and field training is also available in OH, MI, and WV. Contact us for details and to schedule. In most cases we can do training at your site.

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    Literature Link

    Video DEMO skip ahead Hints:

    • Beginning: parts and overview
    • 7:00 Metal Locating demo (cub box, meter box, valve lids manhole covers)
    • 8:30 60 Hz Live Electric line locating
    • 9:30 Pipe and Cable locating


    Video Demo #2


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