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EX-TEC ® PM 580 · 550 · 500 Gas leak Detector by Sewerin

Hermann Sewerin

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EX-TEC PM 580 / 550 / 500

Gas Detecting, measuring and warning - Everything you need

Portable gas concentration measuring device for detecting, measuring and warning

The mobile gas measuring and gas warning devices from the EX-TEC ® PM 5xx series make the everyday work of gas fitters, maintenance staff and other technical staff easier. They can be used to locate leaks in freely accessible gas pipes, assess the risk of explosion and determine whether toxic gases are within the occupational exposure limits (OEL). In the Structure application, the EX-TEC ® PM 580 displays the carbon monoxide concentration in the room air and triggers an audible and visual alarm if the values are too high. Toxic carbon monoxide is produced by combustion equipment, such as heating systems, as a result of insufficient ventilation and poses a risk to humans.

Ergonomics that makes your work easier

Once you’ve held it, you won’t want to put the explosion-proof and IP65-protected device down. Thanks to the non-slip rubberized housing it fits securely in the hand. The high-contrast screen boasts a razor-sharp display and can be easily read even in sunlight. You can quickly access all device functions via the handy 4-key control panel (2 arrow keys, menu key, Enter key). The separate on/off key does not perform any other function.

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