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Lorric EchoSense Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter for 1/2" - 2" Pipe

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  • $800.00

Very Inexpensive for Very Small Pipes

The EchoSense Ultrasonic flowmeter measures fluid flow by detecting the time difference between signals transmitted from two probes, A and B.  This time difference is used to determine the velocity of the fluid, which is combined with the known dimensions of the pipe to calculate the flow  rate using the formula Flow rate = cross-sectional area x flow velocity.

Automatic Pipe Detection

Unlike traditional ultrasonic flowmeters that demand manual input of pipe diameter and wall thickness, LORRIC’s new EchoSense technology automatically detects and configures these settings for you. Enjoy improved efficiency with effortless setup.

Size Specific Sizes:

  • 1/2" (0.83-0.87" OD)
  • 3/4" (0.98"-1.07" OD),
  • 1" (1.26"-1.34" OD),
  • 1-1/4" (1.5"-1.66" OD),
  • 1-1/2" (1.89"-1.97" OD),
  • 2" (2.36"-2.48" OD)


FU-ES015 FU-ES020 FU-ES025 FU-ES032 FU-ES040 FU-ES050 FU-ES065 FU-ES075
Installation method Outside the pipe (clamp-on type)
Applicable diameter

21-22 mm 

25-27.2 mm 

32-34 mm 

38-42.16 mm 

48-50 mm 

60-63 mm 

73-76.3 mm 

88.9-90 mm 

0.83-0.87 inch 0.83-0.87 inch  1.26-1.34 inch 1.5-1.66 inch 1.89-1.97 inch  2.36-2.48 inch 2.87-3 inch 3.5-3.54 inch 
Applicable pipe material Metal pipe, Plastic pipe (UPVC, PPH, PVDF)
Applicable fluid Various liquids (no impurities or air bubbles)
Applicable fluid temperature 0 ~ 85°C (no ice on the piping surface)
Velocity range ±0.3 to 6.0 m/s recommended, ±0.1 to 10m/s measurable
Flow range

1.5-120 LPM 

2-200 LPM 

3-300 LPM 

5-470 LPM 

8-770 LPM 

13-1320 LPM 

22-1670 LPM 

30-1870 LPM 

0.4-31.7 gpm 0.53-52.83 gpm 0.53-52.83 gpm 1.32-124.16 gpm 2.11-203.41 gpm  3.43-348.71 gpm 5.81-441.17 gpm 7.93-494 gpm 
Language English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese (others can be customized)

Metric - Meters, Cubic Meters, Liters

Time - Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days

Imperial - Feet, Cubic Feet, UK gallon, US gallon

Display mode Dual screen display: 5-digit LED + 3-color backlight, 3-line 16-character LCD
Display update cycle 0.5s、1s
Measurement Accuracy

±3.0% RD at 10% to 100% of F.S.

±0.3% F.S. at 0% to 10% of F.S.*

Display resolution Maximum resolution 0.0001 (finest)
Power demand DC 12V to 36V
Power I/O Connector M12 8-pin connector

Analog output with self-powered 16-bit 4-20mA

Modbus RTU RS485

two-wire optocoupler switch signal (with 2 meters long signal line)

Consumption current

<200mA@12V when starting up and working stably

(not included in the communication current)

Protection circuit Power reverse connection protection, Power surge protection
waterproof level IP66 **
Ambient temperature -10 ~ 60°C (no freezing)
Relative humidity 35~ 85%RH (non-condensing)
material PPS+GF、PEEK、NBR、Silicon、PA66+GF、PC+GF、SS304、PMMA
weight (g) 770 770 785 800 1390 1540 1580 1650


* The measurement accuracy is established in a controlled laboratory environment where the pipe and fluid conditions are set and the instrument is calibrated to zero before conducting tests at 25°C. Although statistical results are obtained under these conditions, there may be variances in accuracy when used in customer environments.

** Incorrect installation when rotating the screen by loosening the screws around it may affect the IP66 waterproof protection.

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