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Nicor 12.5" Type C Water Meter Box Cover, 12-1/2" Polymer top Lid, fits 11.5" I.D. Ring


  • $38.75

Type C
Nicor Meter Box Cover 
Round Top Lid for iron meter pit ring 
for water meters in underground pits
With "Type-C" lids, the top lip of the lid sits on TOP of the iron ring, not down inside it. If your existing ring  fits flush with the top of the ring edges, it is an  A or W style lid and you need to see our other listings. If your ring has two ears on one side to hinge the lid, it's an X style in other listings. See drawing in photos, or contact us before buying if unsure of lid type needed.
Replaces metal top lids - Iron C style ring not included.
For replacement of existing lids for better radio reading, upgrading pits, or replacing broken lids.
  • Approximate Measurements
    • Outer Diameter of top - 12-1/2"
    • Inner Diameter (bottom) -  11-1/2"
    • Thickness of top lip/flange 1/2"
    • Overall Thickness - 1-1/2"
    • Please note dimensions before ordering
  • Polymer lid
    • Available in Black or Blue (other colors by special order)
    • Radio Transparent for Automatic Meter Reading Transmitters
    • Won't Rust
    • No Iron scrap value to attract theft
    • Light weight for shipping
    • Strong H20 traffic rating safe for driveways, sidewalks and lawn vehicles
  • Brass Pentagon lock nut and plastic underside worm gear
Many under-lid mounting options and brackets for most  AMR/AMI radio transmitters or antennas
  • Aclara - Preformed screw holes for mounting MIU (no mounting bracket needed)
  • Badger Orion transmitter and Kamstrup antenna - Has 1.75" threaded hold  for directing attachment of MIU (no mounting bracket needed)
  • U-bracket mount available separately for standard 1.75" hole  mounts. One or two brackets can be installed in preformed slots
    •  Includes Sensus, Neptune, Badger, and other MIU's that mount through a 1.75" - 2" hole.
  • Special Itron compatible bracket available separately for mounting 60w and 100w ERT's and Master Meter 3G XTR's
  • Special brackets available custom made for Hersey/Mueller Hot Rod and MiNet transmitters (special order - contact us)
  • U-bracket shown in photos is available as an option and not included.
Quantity Purchases - If you need 5 or more of these covers, use the  discount code BUY-FIVE at checkout for a 15% discount.

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