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Polyethylene Flow Reducer Water Meter Gasket


  • $8.00

Polyethylene Water Meter Gasket
for 3/4" or 1" meter couplings

The Flow reduction gasket can be used in place of a standard gasket to reduce the flow of a meter. Can be used to reduce flow without reducing meter size, or to prevent using excess water during water restrictions. For total shutoff we also have sold flat flow stopping gaskets in other listings.

  • Flow Reducing Water Meter Gasket in two sizes
  • for 5/8" x 3/4" and full 3/4" water meters
    • Outside Diameter - 1-1/8"
    • Inside Diameter - 3/8" for flow reduction
    • Thickness - 1/8" (Standard Thickness)
  • For 1" water meters
    • Outside Diameter - 1-1/2"
    • Inside Diameter - 1/2" for flow reduction
    • Thickness - 1/8"
  • For AWWA Specification water meters with meter couplings, meter valves, or coupling nuts (not for use with iron yoke bar settings)
  • Standard 1/8" thickness. We recommend using with a standard polyethylene gasket on the other side of the meter, or using two of these so that both gaskets are the same density. Rubber gaskets may over-compress before the polyethylene gasket seals.
  • Semi-Rigid white polyethylene plastic
  • Contact us if you need a specific quantity (100+)
  • Larger quantities are available by special order (allow 7-14 days for special orders)

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