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Sewerin Leak Correlator Hydrophone Adapters/Accessories


  • $115.00

Hydrophone Thread Adapter
For SeCorr C200 and SeCorrPhon AC200
Leak Noise Correlator

Allows Hydrophone Correlation from:

  • Water Meter Setters
  • Yard Hydrants
  • Hose Spigots
  • Meter or Backflow Device Test Ports
  • Fresh small diameter taps

The standard hydrophone kit from Sewerin comes with only fire hydrant nozzle adapters. However, if you don't have fire hydrants, they are too far apart in the system, or want to correlate shorter areas, the hydrophones can be used connected to meter setters, meter or backflow test ports, a garden hose spigot on a building or yard hydrant, or any other port to tap in the water system.  We have put together the parts you need to adapt the hydrophone thread to garden hose thread or to 3/4" NPT thread.

Adapts and reduces BSPP threads to 3/4" Garden hose. Includes heavy 1/4" thick internal gasket for BSPP end.

Contact us for other custom made adapters for meter setter use, tapped test port plugs, etc. For custom tapped meter idlers, please specify types of meter setters used (meter couplings, coppersetters, yoke setters, etc.)

A short female x female garden hose such as those used for laundry washing machines can be used to connect on both ends.

Hydrophone and hoses shown in photo are for illustration purpose only, and are not included. See the Sewerin hydrophone kit for hydrophone purchase. Purchase hoses at your local hardware store.

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