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Sewerin Stethophon 04 handheld leak detector - Wired Headphone Kits with Soft Bag


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Stethophon 04 SDR Wired Headphone Kits:

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The Stethophon 04 is a sound detector for recording and amplifying structure-borne oscillations of all kinds. The oscillation sensor provides undistorted sound reproduction even when the noise is barely audible.

The filter function enables the users to listen to the sound at the frequency that best suits their hearing and the particular noise being listened to. The filters make it easier to hear certain noises such as the deep-pitched sounds typical from leaks in plastic
pipes and higher frequencies from metallic pipes. The hearing protection feature automatically ensures that the headphones are muted when loud noises suddenly arise to protect the operator. To help with the leak detection, the ® Stethophon 04 not only indicates the noise levels acoustically, but also displays them digitally.
The lowest measured noises of the previous and current locations are numerically displayed and can be compared objectively

Besides the cable headphones, a wireless version is available including SDR digital radio in our other Stethophon listing. The Sewerin Digital Radio (SDR) offers a sound transmission quality equal or better than by cable. By going without the cable, the comfort of work is improved considerably. Headphones and detector connect automatically by bidirectional radio link when switched on. Sewerin Digital Radio works over short distances without any loss. Unlike simple analogue radio transmissions, the completely digital signal processing does not allow to occur
acoustic interference caused by hissing, re-amplifying or others.

Note that the wireless headphones cannot later be added to the wired version since the handheld doesn't have the SDR radio communication capability. If you think you would want a wireless headphone upgrade later, we can custom quote the SDR wireless receiver, but with wired headphones at lower cost. However, you could later upgrade to wireless by adding the headphones and charger. 


  • Detecting defects in the plumbing and heating installations of buildings
  • Examination of house service lines when the water meter is replaced
  • Examination and localization of damages in compressed air systems
  • To be used as a fast leak detector in water networks
  • Quick leak surveys listening to hydrants, valves, piping, or meters
  • Check on machine bearings


  • Wired High quality over the ear headphones
    (see our other listings for wireless headphone version)
  • External ground microphone (optional)
  • 8 filter levels
  • Hearing protection function
  • Numeric display of minimum noise level (0 – 1000)
  • Minimum operating time 8 hours (using two AA alkaline batteries)
  • Lightweight packaging, the sound detector only weighs 290 g
  • Handy dimensions: just 50 x 228 x 30 mm (W x H x D) Wireless headphones using digital signal
  • Pocket size receiver is easy to carry for a meter reader, service tech, or plumber and includes wrist strap
  • Water resistant vinyl carry bag where included has a nylon interior with zipper pocket for accessories and pocket to protect the receiver. It has a carry handle on top and adjustable shoulder strap. See our other listings for version with a waterproof hard case.

Components of the three available kits You can order components  separately at any time to upgrade:

  • Wired Basic Kit:
    • Stethophon 04 Wired Leak Detector
    • Probe tip
    • Two 6" Probe Extensions
    • Round Magnet
    • Sewerin WIRED headphones
    • Soft Vinyl Carry Bag with handle and custom fit foam insert
  • Wired Standard Kit:
    • All of the items in the Basic Wired Kit PLUS
    • EM35  Wired Microphone
    • Ground Resonance Plate for ground/slab listening
    • Rubber Microphone Protector
  • Economy Kit
    • Stethophon 04 wired Leak Detector with Probe tip only
    • Wired Sewerin Headphones
    • The Economy kit does not include a carry bag or case or accessories. However, they can be purchased separately later if desired. A special kit for the person who needs just the very basic in a professional leak detector

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