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Trumbull Water Meter Box Lids and Frames

Trumbull Manufacturing

  • $112.00

Made from Composite & Polymer Materials!

  • Allow radio signals to be read in AMR and AMI systems, unlike cast iron lids that block them
  • Versatile antenna mounting options
    • Retainer bracket included, for installation of under-the-lid antennas
    • Covers with Counter-bores for through the lid flush mount AMR and AMI antennas are available in separate listings on our site. Others are available by special order.
  • Worm gear assembly with bronze pentagon bolt
  • ADA compliant slip-resistant surface
  • UV resistant materials

Frames, Solid Lids, and under lid AMR brackets are generally in stock. 

See these other listings for AMR/AMI or touch read module lids with recessed counter bores.

 Counter Bore Dimensions
Model # Brands (click link to listings) Diameter Depth
367-5814 Neptune R900 4.63" 0.43"
367-5811 Badger, Kamstrup 2100 AMR, Etc. 3.13" 0.41"
367-5816 Kamstrup 2200/2250/3250 AMI 5.06" 0.50"
367-5815 Sensus, Zenner, etc. 4.11" 0.41"
367-5812 Itron 60W, 100W, Riva 2.81" 0.26"
367-5813 Mueller 3.36" 0.33"


Trumbull Frame/Ring

The Trumbull frame fits 15", 18", 20", and 21" round meter boxes. All Trumbull A-style lids fit this ring. The frame flange has a 4" rise between the top of the center lid and the top of the meter box.

Trumbull round Meter Box Frame - A style

Also available:

  • Other sizes and shapes (oval, rectangular)
  • Custom lettering
  • Alternate locking mechanisms
  • Nylon worm gears
  • Snap-in adapter for Itron 100W
  • Large pentagon bolt
  • Optional magnets for use with valve and curb box locators
  • Several custom features can be added per your specs

20,000 lb lids normally furnished with nylon worm gear. Also available with ductile worm gear, see chart below.
• All lids are normally furnished with standard (27/32”) pentagon bolt. Also available with large (1-1/32”) pentagon bolt.
• Lids normally furnished marked “WATER METER”.
• Special lettering available (requires a minimum quantity), please inquire.
• All lids with counterbore (CBORE) have thru hole diameter of 1.88”.
• Bearing washers above and below 20,000 lb lids are UHMWPE.
• Frames shown for illustration purposes only, they are not included with lid.
• For explanation of asterisk points below, see “Additional Notes” on page 27.

Trumbull Manufacturing Meter Box Cover Catalog

items not on our website may be available by special order.

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