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Bulk Water Dispensing Cross Connection Control Device

Vernon Manufacturing

  • $430.00

Control Cross Connection and Cross Contamination

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This is a Cross Contamination Control Device (CCCD) for the end of a bulk water dispensing system. It insures and air gap between the end of the water dispensing hose and the tank the water is dispensed to to prevent cross connection with the water supply.  It also helps prevent cross contamination between users from using a bare bottom fill hose with air gap at the top.

The top has a 2" male thread that can be hooked to fire hose, or other type of flexible hose. The round bottom can be centered over the bulk water tank filling port and snugged in place with the adjustable bolts. With this device over the END of the hose, the hose cannot be inserted into the tank which could contain non-potable water, pesticide or fertilizer chemicals, or other hazards. a proper size air gap is maintained between water outlet at the top and the tank at the bottom. Another advantage over a fixed fill pipe is that a vehicle doesn't have to perfectly center under the fill outlet, and short trucks won't have the splash of a long drop. 

  • Approximate dimensions: 12" high x 16" diameter bottom ring
  • T-bolts at the bottom ring are replaceable if lost or damaged.
  • 2" Male thread at top
    • 3" and 4" are also available, please call
  • Swivel top
  • Three T-headed bolts can be adjusted to different size tank openings
    • (bolts and mounts are replaceable)
  • One reinforced open side in the ring for sliding horizontally over raised hatch
  • Light weight aluminum construction

This item direct ships from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-3 weeks lead time. Shipping cost is based on UPS "Dimensional Weight" calculations.

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