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Water Meter Adapter, Set a 1" Water Meter into 2" Flanged Meter Set (379-1022, A47)

Water Meter Adapter, Set a 1" Water Meter into 2" Flanged Meter Set (379-1022, A47)

Trumbull Manufacturing

  • $296.00

Water Meter Adapter

To Downsize a 2" Flanged Water Meter to a 1" Water Meter

To maximize revenue and meter accuracy, you should always use the smallest size meter that will handle the flow rates required of the building tenant. These adapters allow easy downsizing of meters without re-plumbing the meter setting.

For installing a 1" water meter into a full 2" FLANGED meter setting. Two adapter required per setting (sold as a pair). Extends lay length from 10-3/4" threaded  to 17" Flanged

Lead-Free Brass

  • One end has 2" AWWA 2 bolt elliptical Flange Ends
  • One end has 1" AWWA Female Swivel Meter coupling nut
  • Extends 10-3/4" long 1" meter to fit in 17" Flanged Meter Setting
  • Converts threads from 1" AWWA meter threads to 2" AWWA Oval/elliptical meter flange
  • Includes hard fiber gaskets in the 3/4" female end.
  • Requires 2" Flange meter gaskets for the setter (included)
  • Two adapters required per meter, Sold as a pair

To Use:

  • Remove Old Meter - 2" x 17" lay length"
  • Install a meter adapter to each end of the meter using the swivel meter coupling nuts.
  • Install New Meter - Insert meter into flange spacing and insert  and line up oval gasket and bolts.
  • Use 2" flange Meter Gaskets in the setting.
  • No change necessary to meter setter or plumbing.

Cross References: Ford Meter Box # A47

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