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64 Seconds WaterPoint Network Plan - The Services Behind WPN

64 Seconds

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WaterPoint Network Plan

The WaterPoint Network Plan is a renewable term Service Plan for the WaterPoint Network App. It includes the following Features:

On-site Training

The WPN Plan includes initial training either on-site or via web. Training is for an unlimited number of users.

Technical Support

The plan includes telephone and email technical support for the entire term of the plan, as well as online help files and support documents. Just call or email when you need help. We are also here to help you locally in Ohio and Michigan if you need local support.

Data Security

Your data is stored on each iPad you own, but also backed up to a WaterPoint Cloud Server in a secure professionally managed data center. You don't need an IT staff or local servers for backup, and data can be restored in case of loss of data or devices. There are also three levels of data permissions on the iPad so you can select who has permissions to create or just read the data an work orders.

Data Import

If you have existing GIS data, it can be imported into WaterPoint Network to get you started and populate your maps. The initial data import is included in the plan. Industry Standard GIS shape files (.shp) can be imported. If you purchase the LNC leak noise correlator, the free data import included i the WPN plan will be extremely helpful in speeding up leak locating.

Data Export

You own your data and can export it as .CSV files any time and as often as you wish. You can open the data in Excel or other database programs and manipulate or create customer reports as needed. It can also be imported into third party Work Order, ERP, or GIS systems that support .CSV database files. Data export is sent to you as email attachments and can be directed to anyone in your organization who may need it.

Future Proofing

As long as you are on the plan, you get all software updates and enhancements included. Simply update from the iTunes App store when notified of updates. Many of the updates and enhancements that have been released are a result of suggestions and requests from users and potential users.

Flexible Plan Term

Utilities can choose a 1, 3, or 5 year WPN Plan. At the end of the first term, the plan can be renewed at any of the available terms Plans available.

Simple Plan Pricing

WPN Plans are priced based on the number of service connections. This allows you to have as many users or devices on the plan as makes sense for your utility without extra per user or per device license fees that other systems charge. The only cost to roll the data out to field staff, fire departments, Police, or management is the cost of the mobile IOS device. Interested? Call us for a demonstration and a quote for your system.

Other Optional Costs:

  • Mobile Data - It is recommended, but not required that the IOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) have an internet connection for full functionality in the field. Most get a cellular data plan for the device, but you can tether off of cell hone or other hot spots, or city based Wi-Fi. Internet is needed to email information from the app, access internet documents such as manufacturer parts sheets of assets, and to download maps and satellite images. Most cell providers also allow sharing a data plan with a smart phone for a small monthly fee.
  • IOS Devices - You do NOT need dedicated mobile devices. WPN can work on existing apple products. We can quote you devices, you can buy from your local cellular or electronics stores, or existing state or local contracts.
  • Data Conversion - We can optionally offer premium services at additional cost to convert non-GIS data such as CAD drawings or maps to into importable formats. Often it is easy enough to just create the data real time in the field.
  • Subsequent Training - initial training is free, but if you need additional on-site training for new staff in the future, we can offer that locally on a quoted basis for half or full day increments in Ohio or Michigan.

  Download WPN Plan Brochure

If you are located in Ohio or Michigan, please call us for a demonstration or quotation.

NOTE: We represent 64 Seconds Products in the states of Ohio and Michigan only. We cannot sell this product online or sell outside this territory. If you are not in OH or MI, please see for the sales representative in your state.

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