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64 Seconds WaterPoint PLD2 Wireless Pipeline Leak Detector Kit

64 Seconds

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  • $3,364.00

WaterPoint PLD2

Precision Leak Detector / Locator

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WaterPoint PLD2 is a uniquely designed, ultra sensitive listening device used to detect water leaks throughout the water distribution system.   The PLD2 app saves an unlimited number of recordings with locations for replay later. PLD2 is also integrated into the WPN2 Mobile GIS app, allowing users to associate recordings to assets; track leaks and repairs; and sync survey data with the cloud.


  • Wireless operation with a rock solid indefinite radio connection

  • Advanced & improved hi-fidelity sound

  • Enhanced background noise cancellation

  • Low frequency listening for plastic pipe

  • Intelligent volume level

  • Selectable filter settings: Contact, Ground, Plastic, Pipe & Open

  • Unlimited history of saved recordings

  • Lithium ion, rechargeable battery - 10 days continuous use or 6 weeks shelf life

  • Works seamlessly with wired and wireless headphones and earbuds

  • Works with the latest iPad minis, iPhones, iPad Airs & iPad Pros

 The PLD2 Wireless Leak Detector for IOS Mobile Devices



Dynamic, high resolution audio processing allows mobile users to discover and pinpoint leaks faster and easier than ever before.

iPad mini PLD2 1.5 Listening Settings .jpg



  • PLD2 Sensor unit

  • Rugged wired or wireless headphones

  • Detachable handle rod extension

  • Rugged Pelican iStorm carrying case

  • Recharging cables for office & auto

  • Base stand

  • Probe bar

  • Safety vest

  • User’s guide

  • One year limited warranty


  • Wireless Connectivity -  Wireless Bluetooth 5 radio connection between Apple device and Leak Sensor - No wires to break or false noise from wind.
  • Easy FREE app updates - App is updated from the Apple App Store - Your software is never out of date.
  • Apple Sound Quality - This device leverage the high quality sound and sound processing capabilities of Apple IOS devices for precise leak noise filtering and detection. Use your existing AirPods, or the high quality over ear Sennheiser wired or wireless headphones included.
  • Non-Dedicated Device - Your iPhone or iPad can be used or any other purposes since the software is just a mobile app. Use the app on multiple devices such as your iPhone AND your iPad.
  • Easy to use - The app is only two screens One is the listening interface, the other the setup.
  • Automatic Filters - Three Noise filters optimized for Direct Contact, Ground Listening, or Plastic Pipe. 
  • Hearing Protection - Automatic volume control and filtering of loud noises
  • Magnetic base - Sticks to hydrants, valves, valve keys for positive leak noise detection.
  • GIS Upgrade Compatibility - When used with the WaterPoint Network WNP2 GIS/Asset Management app, leak noise can recorded to GIS Assets for future reference, leak history, asset management, leak mapping, and distribution system leak surveys. WPN2 is a separately priced mobile cloud GIS mapping, work order, and asset management app.
  • Mobile Apple IOS device - Use your existing Bluetooth 5 capable IOS device, or get a new, iPhone, or iPad. The device does not need to be dedicated to the locator. Hardware upgrades are easier and cheaper using high quality consumer based electronics.


PLD2 Video Demo

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