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1 Lb Jar FLT BLUE POWDER - Bright Dyes Tracer Dye for water or wastewater leak detection

Kingscote Chemical

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Bright Dyes® Leak Tracing Powder products are ideal for applications involving large volumes of water, such as cooling towers, lakes, and rivers. They have a moderate rate of dispersion and are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and certified for to ANSI/NSF International Standard 60. Bright Dyes® leak tracing powders are environmentally friendly and designed to promote water conservation. You can feel confident in choosing our water tracing dye powders for all your applications.

Bright Dyes® Leak Tracing Powder products come in multiple sizes, including: 1-pound jars, 10-pound pails and 25-pound pails. To request a quote for these size offerings, or to inquire about custom sizes, please contact us.


Color: Bright Dyes FLT Blue
  • Best suited where the use of a Food Grade dye is desired
  • May be used for visual inspections
  • Frequently used for decorative effects
  • Evaluation of household systems
  • Generally blue may be more acceptable to public view
  • Has super light fastness
  • Resistant to the absorption of suspended matter
Type: Powder Dye
  • Best for moderate to large volumes of water, more than 50,000 gallons
  • May be used for visual, ultraviolet* and fluorometric* inspections
  • Moderate rate of dispersion
Recommended Applications:
  • Leak detection in large closed loop systems
  • Power plant piping
  • Cooling towers
  • Lakes, rivers, ponds
  • Sewer and drain connections
  • Flow studies


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