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TurboFog MH-75 Smoke Blower Sewer Smoke Testing Equipment

Kingscote Chemical

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MH-75 Smoke Blower

The Turbo-Fog® MH-75 smoke blower will out smoke and outperform all other similar style smoke test machines. Like the “Original,” it is totally self-contained and uses our leak proof liquid smoke cartridges to generate dense uninterrupted white smoke. No adding additional smoke bombs or pumping garden sprayers for additional test time.

  • Sewer System Smoke testing made safe, efficient, effective and economical
  • Detects illicit connections and other sources of leaks and inflow
  • Uses leak-proof liquid smoke cartridges
  • Cartridges provide continuous flow with even pressure
  • Cartridges may be replaced in seconds, allowing quick easy replacement, even while unit is operating
  • Produces continuous, uninterrupted dense white smoke for large scale production
  • Metering Valve to precisely control smoke flow and density
  • Use only what you need; no wasted product

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