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Debris Cap for Main Valve Boxes - Red Handle (Stock)

Debris Cap for Main Valve Boxes - Red Handle (Stock)

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  • $59.00

Keep your valve boxes clean and secure!

The Debris Cap inserts into valve box tops below the lid. the wheel tightens it in place and the rubber seal keeps dirt, debris, silt, sand, and salt from dropping into the bottom of the valve box. Save time, labor, and money cleaning out valve boxes whether with a vac truck, valve box spoons, or augers. With the cap, dirt and debris stays in the top where it is easy to remove with the cap. A locking device for lock out tag out safety practices is also available. Contact us for pricing and other options.

RED HANDLE - For Fire Service Valves, Critical Valves, or Designation other warnings such as leak loggers installed in a valve box.

Stock sizes available individually:

  • Model DC457 - Fits a SLIP/SCREW type wall 6 1/4" - 6 7/8" ID
    (Fits most common top sections)
  • Locking Device - An optional locking device add-on is available to lock the unit in place for safety lock out tag out or prevent valve turning by unauthorized persons. Accepts padlocks or pin and plunger barrel locks made by Highfield or Inner-Tite.
  • 3M Locating coils and brackets can also be added to the Debris caps by special order (contact us by phone or email)

See our other listings for CARTON quantities and other models as special order items. Available for other size valve boxes, and in other color handles for color custom color coding in your system, or for APWA Color coding by utility type.

 Contact us for information, current pricing, and minimum order quantities on these additional models. Some are special order sizes from made to order at the factory.

  • DC400: Fits smooth-wall 4" ID
  • DC425: Fits smooth-wall 4¼" ID
  • DC450: Fits smooth-wall 4½" ID (Adjustable round contact pads)
  • DC4X5: Fits smooth or screw type 5-5½" ID (Adjustable vertical contact pads)
  • DC500: Fits smooth-wall 5¼" ID
  • DC500(M): Fits smooth-wall 4 7/8- 5 1/8" ID
  • DC5X7: Fits nominal 7" ID (Adjustable contact pads)
  • DC825: Fits nominal 8" ID (Adjustable contact pads)
  • DC100: Fits nominal 10" ID (Adjustable contact pads)
  • DC120: Fits nominal 12" ID (Adjustable contact pads)

Contact us if you need this product for other size valve boxes by special order.

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