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FWT RED Tablets - Bright Dyes Tracer Dye for water or wastewater leak detection

Kingscote Chemical

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Color: Bright Dyes FWT Red

  • Red offers greater contrast to heavy concentrations of green algae
  • If the water were yellow Bright Dyes FWT Red would be best
  • It’s fluorescent properties offers greater apparent contrast than non-fluorescent blue
  • May be used for visual, ultraviolet* and fluorometric* inspections
  • Has a higher light fastness than FLT Yellow/Green
  • Resistant to the absorption of suspended matter
  • 200 tablets to a container

Type: Tablet Dye

  • Ideal for visual inspections of smaller volumes of water, less than 20,000 gallons
  • Easy to handle
  • Unitized dosage – no measuring required
  • Quick dissolving (3-5 minutes)

Recommended Applications:

  • Septic inspections
  • Plumbing leak detection
  • Sewer and drain connections
  • Closed loop leak detection
  • Illicit downspout connections
  • Toilet leak detection

Bright Dyes FAQ

* Ultraviolet and Fluorometric detection requires the use of a dye with fluorescent properties.

Product Details
ID: 101103
Name: Fluorescent FWT Red – Tablets
Fluorescent: Yes
NSF Certified: Yes
Safety Data Sheet: FWT-Red-Tablet.pdf
Technical Data Sheet: TD-FWT-Red.pdf
Strong Visual (1 ppm): 60 Gallons

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