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The Value of Water

Posted by Mark Beatty on

Here are a couple infographics on the Value of Water in the Midwest and in the USA. There are likely some facts here you may not have known. We can help preserve that value with Precise metering systems, SCADA Systems, and Leak detection and monitoring systems.

The Value of Water USA


And to narrow things down a bit, here is the Value of Water in the Midwest USA.

The Value of Water - Midwest (Ohio - Michigan)

The Value of Water...

We can help utilities reduce non-revenue water, conserve a valuable resource and reduce the cost of production and distribution.

Advanced Metering - Capture low flow you are missing with old meters and mechanical meters. Find out about leaks, unauthorized use, and waste with advanced metering systems and AMR/AMI.

Distribution System Leaks - Find leaks fast and as they occur with leak detection, leak locators, leak loggers, and leak correlation systems.

Water Production - Control and track your water production, pressures, pumping costs, and distribution with advanced SCADA systems.

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