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Save your back and knees when lifting water valve box lids

Posted by Mark Beatty on

Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifter

We have uploaded a video demonstration of the MVB-24 Magnetic Valve Box lid lifting tool. With this tool to can lift most valve box lids out of the ground without bending over, getting on your knees with two screwdrivers, or pinching your fingers. This unbelievably strong magnet rated at 249# lifting strength easily lifts most iron or steel valve box lids out of the ground. If stuck, the railroad spike t-handle can be used to pry or help chisel lids loose. There are other handy uses for a strong magnetic lifting tool at the bottom of this page.

This tool is available for purchase in our online store at

This is a worker safety tool:

  • Save from repetitive knee or back injury by reducing kneeling and bending over.
  • You are safer standing in busy roadways that kneeling by being seen and being able to react quicker to moving vehicles.
  • Save your fingers from being pinched  in the valve box finger holes
  • Place lids easily back into the hole without bending over.

Bonus Waterworks Worker Uses:

  • Find and pick up nuts, bolts, and other parts in the grass when working on fire hydrants.
  • Lift broken metal or valve box pieces out of valve boxes or curb boxes up to 24" deep.
  • Magnetically retrieve, nuts, bolts, or tools dropped into meter boxes, valve box, manholes, catch basins, or vaults. Stay dry and avoid pumping to find them when those items are underwater
  • Lift small drain grates or tree grates.
  • Easily pick up dangerous steel shavings when drilling, or metal filings on field work to prevent metal splinters.

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