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PVC, Plastic, and Non-metallic Pipe Locating Equipment

There are several ways to locate PVC pipe that does not have a tracer wire. Here are several ways to do so with our products:

  1. CombiPhon  is a non-metallic underground pipe locator is used to generate a detectable acoustic sound on your Plastic or AC water main or tubing. You then use an acoustic leak locator to detect the pipe location just as you would locate leak noise. The sound will be the strongest directly over the pipe. We recommend the Sewerin A200 Leak and Pipe Locator as it's optimized to find the sound of the Combiphon.
  2. Glass Fiber Probe Rods can be run up a pipe or tubing. The copper core in the rod allows the use of standard pipe & cable locators to locate the probe as an internal tracer wire. On Service tubing, a sluice can also be used to detect with the service line under water pressure if also looking to find leaks under pressure.
  3. Sonde Transmitters can be installed on the end of the glass fiber rod to locate the end of the probe rod. This can help determine where the pipe bends, makes tees or wyes, or ends. The sonde can be located with a dedicated sonde locator or a pipe & cable locate with sonde frequency locating capability. Sonde locators can also locate sonde integrated sewer camera heads. or mini pig sondes attached to non-integrated camera heads.