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Leak Detection & Correlating - Leak Noise Correlators

We have several Leak Noise Correlator products with various capabilities and price ranges. We represent both Sixty-Four Seconds and Sewerin leak detection and leak correlating equipment.

Feature Comparison:

Brand-Model >

Features V

64 Seconds
SeCorr 300
SeCorr 08
Sewerin SeCorrPhon AC06
Digital or Analog Sound Fully Digital Fully Digital Analog w/Digital Signal Processor Analog w/Digital Signal Processor
Controller iPad or iPad Mini Via Wi-Fi Windows
Laptop Via USB
Included Handheld Device Included Handheld Device
Software WPN iPad App Windows PC or Surface Pro Dedicated Handheld Dedicated Handheld
Leak Mapping GIS Integration Sketch
Number of Sensors 2, 3, or 4 2 2 2
Hydrophone Option No Yes Yes Yes
Unattended Night  & Delayed Logging Yes No No No
Combo Correlator/Acoustic Leak Detector No No, but can listend to live sound from depoloyed sensors with headphone No, but can listend to live sound from deployed sensors w/headphone Yes
Pipe sections capability 1 to 4 1 to 5 1 to 3 1 to 3
Audio Filters 3 Automatic: Contact, Ground, Plastic: Plus High resolution, Frequency boost 10 Types in 5 groups Automatic or Manual Automatic or Manual
Audio Recording Yes, Save to GIS asset Management map Yes, Save to file in Windows software No No
Sensor Deployment Send and Recieve WiFi Live and Offline Live RF Up to 1.2 Miles Live RF Up to 1.2 Miles
Offline Deployment Yes Yes No No
Charging In-Case In-Case In-Case In-Case

Controller Charging Time

Operating time

N/A - iPad

N/A - Laptop, Notebook, or PC. USB powered transceiver

4 hours Charge

8 hours Operating

4 hours Charge

8 hours Operating

RF transceiver Wi-Fi to iPad and to sensors USB To Laptop Internal to Handheld Internal to Handheld
Sensor Transmitter Charging Time

1 hour usable

12 hours full charge

3-7 Hours 5 Hours 5 Hours
Sensor Transmitter Operating Time


30 Hours Recording

1 Month delayed record

6 months on shelf

8-20 Hours

10 Hours

10 Hours
Approx. Weight With case

13 lb. 

(3 logger kit exclusive of iPad)

42 lbs. 

(exclusive of Laptop

27 Lbs. 35 Lbs

Notes: Information based on specs at the time this page was written, but subject to change.